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Annual Fiscal Budget: is it a political tool?

As the date for the annual budget draws near there are various speculations and expectations from not only economic experts but the general population

What Gordon Ramsay’s success can teach Marxists about entrepreneurship

One of the core ideas of Marxist economic theory is the notion that business owners exploit the workers, that is, they profit off the work of the work

Top 5 EVs ruling Nepali roads

FY 2077/78 was dull for the electric vehicle (EV) market as customers had to pay a total of up to 178% tax excluding 15-20% distributor profit to get

Samsung ‘A’ Series: Hot-selling mid-range smartphones

Samsung’s ‘A’ series is one of the hot-selling mid-range smartphones in the market today. In the ‘A’ series line-up there are a whole lot of

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‘We decided to focus on health and education’

Chhatra Hari Karki Founder & Managing Director, Midas Technologies and Midas Education It was after high school that Chhatra Hari Karki, Founder and Managing Director of Midas Technologies and Midas Education, left for Australia to pursue further studies. With a keen interest in technology, he took up IT in college and started working in the sector soo

Book of the month

Book of the month: Freakonomics

Freakonomics Author: Steven D Levitt and Stephen J Dubner ‘Fre

Get Fit

Stretching & Flexibility

There is an old saying in yoga that your state of health can be me

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‘I would love to do a project with Balen Shah’

Sameer Deula Director, Arati and Company, Arati Building Hub, R H

Ringside View

Decoding the Cyber Security Bylaw 2077

Much before the onset of the global pandemic, managements faced ch


Upgrading the operating system of CEOs, Leaders and Entrepreneurs

The Centre for Leadership and Entrepreneurship organised a talk pr

Beed Take

beed’s take on the market

During the review period of March 29 to April 27, the Nepal Stock

Quote Of the day

“I never dreamed about success. I worked for it.”
Estée Lauder Co-founder, The Estée Lauder Companies