Sachin Aryal is the General Manager of Paramount Motors, the authorised distributors of MG Motors for Nepal. He started working in the automobile industry with Continental Trading Enterprises, the authorised distributors of Kia Motors in Nepal where he worked for six years from 2007-2013; five years as Deputy General Manager and a year as the General Manager. He obtained his MBA degree from Shanker Dev Campus in 1999.

In this issue of B360, Sachin Aryal shares the five things that have impacted his work and life. Excerpts:

Determination to work

The person and the position I am in today is due to my determination to work hard and achieve something in my life. It’s been my motto throughout. When I started working, I started from the assistant level where I had to open the depot, clean the workplace, and do every small job needed. I never complained about the work I was given and used to do it with interest so that I could learn something new every day. At the same time, I was also attending high school which back in those days was called ISc at Amrit Science Campus. By doing both simultaneously, I learned how to manage both my studies and work life. After ISc, I switched to the management field and got opportunities to work in various organisations including Continental Trading Enterprises. I learnt a lot from the jobs I was assigned to do.

My father

My family had to move around a lot during my childhood because my father was a government officer. We were always together which made us a complete family. During that time, I saw how hard my father had to work for us which inspired me. He always used to say “Work hard and whatever things we desire will automatically come to us.” But unfortunately, he passed away when I was just 26. Though he is not here anymore, the wisdom he gave me still motivates me.


From every job that I have had till date, I have learned something new and different mainly because of the support I got from my seniors. When I pitched ideas to make the product or brand better, my supervisors always gave me creative feedback and the opportunity to implement those ideas which motivated me to give my 100%.


A workplace is greatly affected by the behaviour of colleagues. Everywhere I have worked till date whether it’s the depot, Continental Group, Dugar Brothers, educational institutions or Paramount Motors, I have always been surrounded by friendly and hardworking colleagues. Because of this, I have been able to work in a peaceful environment, learn and grow throughout my professional career. It doesn’t matter if the personnel are in a higher or lower position, showing and giving mutual respect is what matters most.


I am glad that my health has never deteriorated drastically which could seriously affect both my life and work. I have seen many people of my age suffering from various types of diseases like hypertension, sugar, cholesterol, etc and I am thankful that I don’t have such diseases. I am not a super health-conscious person and like to eat whatever I feel like. The reason I am healthy is that I love my work and am always happy. Being healthy has allowed me to fulfil my personal and professional duties properly.

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