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A Stitch in Time

Whether in business, professional career or in life, we often try and plan things in ways that create a sense of balance and comfort. And when things go wrong as they sometimes must, it is how we deal with the chaos and create order that sets us apart from each other. Some of us prefer to go to the crux of the issue and resolve every aspect of probable situations that may arise, some deal with the immediate problem only, while others wait and watch and respond only when absolutely necessary. It really is matter of perspective and personality. However, over several years and a milieu of experiences, I have come to understand that every mess or disorder you leave unattended is monster that will eventually grow and in some cases become menacing enough to swallow your life.

An unpaid tax bill, a conversation that should have happened, a file that got misplaced, a hurried signature, misplaced trust, an unanswered email, and even a pile of clothes lying unwashed in a corner of your room can challenge and rock the order you have worked so hard to build and maintain in life.

Most people do not like confrontation. Most people procrastinate when it comes to dealing with uncomfortable situations. At home, at work, and even as a nation. We all do it – sometime or the other. But learning the hard way, I know today that whenever you sort out the messy bits in life, you actually slay the monster that could eat you. It may not be comfortable in the present moment, but dealing with chaos and vulnerabilities only make you stronger. You not just address the issue, you become more competent, gain clarity and are enabled. And somewhere in the process of overcoming challenges, you expand as a person. Instead of merely defending, you venture into the unknown and untried with confidence willing to create and grow and do not just what needs to be done but all that can be done.

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