A year gone by and the odds are still stacked against us

A year gone by… and the odds are still stacked against us. We still face political inertia, we still need to recover from the earthquake, we still need better policies and implementation, we still need investment and infrastructure even as much as we need to address issues of energy and power supply, foreign diplomacy, digital literacy, taxation, rule of law, leadership vacuum and youth employment.

But in the year gone by, we have also made progressive steps in many areas with economic empowerment taking centre stage. We now recognise that economic efficiency is a principle force that will drive development at all levels. Business 360, in 2017, is determined to make the ideas of open and free markets and liberty a talking point for information and reference of our readers through the various columns and features we run.

Sustainability will be a key word as global changes take dominance in 2017. All eyes are on America as President Trump takes over and sets the tone for global trade. Closer home, we are watching Prime Minister Narendra Modi orchestrate the demonetisation of Indian currency and President Xi Jinping face the challenges of managing the world’s second largest economy aiming for growth rates of 6.5%.

At home, we wait for gridlock politics to understand the brevity of being in a state of limbo and what it costs the country and the common man. The cost of inaction or poor action jeopardizes individuals, companies and public institutions.

In 2017, we must look towards the concerns and priorities of the youth. These are the people who can make a significant contribution to the country. Ask any young person what s/he would like to see changed immediately in Nepal and the answer will probably be: lack of economic opportunity and unemployment, government accountability and transparency, right to quality education and healthcare, consistent supply of energy, and rule of law. Are the law makers and implementers listening?

Let 2017 not be yet another year just gone by…

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