Ajay Shrestha

Ajay Shrestha is the Chairman and Managing Director of iCapital, an investment and holding company that invests in the Nepali stock market and small and medium Size enterprises. He holds BBA and Master’s degrees in Management with a specialisation in finance from the Kathmandu University. He also serves as Director of Kaffeine Foods and Source Code.

In this edition of Business 360, he shares the five things that have impacted his work and life:

Book (Intelligent Investor)

It is the first ever investment related book I read which inspired me to have 60 people working in five companies that I have founded. It got me interested in finance and investment. Learning about the power of compounding returns and the mathematics behind the investment of the most successful investor in the world, Warren Buffett, it was a boon for me in replicating his model in the Nepali stock market. This changed my work life forever.

Leaving the Family Business

It was a tough decision not to join the family business and rather venture into the world of business on my own. Very few people in Nepal quit their family business and do something independently. This was a life changing decision as I had to build everything from scratch. It gave me courage to take risks and fight hard to build my dreams. Nevertheless, I always had the support and encouragement from my parents. I have deep gratitude towards them.

Giving up late nights and drinks

My decision to quit alcohol around 13 years ago (after high school) gave me a chance to enjoy everything from a realistic perspective and gave birth to new hobbies like hiking and photography. This decision formed a new discipline in me and I learned to enjoy life. I was able to discover my spiritual side and stay focused in life.

Achieving Masters Degree (Batch Topper)

It was the year 2005 when I quit undergraduate for a year due to my inability to continue with studies. After a year of reorganisation, I rejoined undergrad studies and completed it. Later in 2010, I achieved my Master’s degree securing the top position in the management stream in Kathmandu University. It was at a time when I was juggling between two business ventures along with academics. This achievement gave me a chance to realise my true potential and embrace everything with confidence and self belief.

Decision to study, work and stay in Nepal

All my life, I have wanted to do things in my own country. When more than 80% of classmates went abroad for further studies, I chose to stay back. Decision to study, work and live in Nepal was the best decision ever and I have never regretted it even for a single moment. I am an optimistic guy and I have always believed that opportunities are abundant in a country like Nepal.

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