Anjan Kumar Dahal

Family instills culture, values and social responsibility.

Anjan Kumar Dahal is an Advocate and Legal Practitioner with expertise in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and indepth knowledge of Venture Capital, Private Investment Management, Corporate Legal Management, Commercial Legal Practices and Labour Law. He is the Chairman of Biz Serve Legal, a leading law firm in Nepal for processing of FDI here and corporate legal management.

Dahal is Associate Professor of Kathmandu School of Law since the last 16 years. He holds a Masters degree in Political Science and Sociology from Tribhuwan University. Dahal has completed fellowship diploma courses on Conflict Management and Peace Building in 2010 and Human Rights and Good Governance in 2007 from Danida Fellowship Center (DFC) and Danish Institute for Human Rights (DIHR), Copenhagen, Denmark.

In this edition of Business 360, he shares the five things that have impacted his work and life:

My Family

I live in a joint family with ten members so my parents, wife, brother, sister-in-law and my children have been my strength. Being an academic and practicing lawyer comes with its own set of business and workload pressures and a lot of challenges. My parents, wife Bindu Dahal and brother Dr. Ranjan Kumar Dahal are my great inspirations and regular guides in my professional development. Family for me is extremely important. It instills in us the culture of family values and social responsibility. I learnt commitment from my father, patience from my mother, responsibility from my wife, and professionalism from my brother.

Dislike for Math

I was a moderate student in my school days, securing third or fourth ranks, even though I was one of the students from the Optional Math group, I never got interested in it. After SLC, I decided to join Nepal Law Campus for further studies because I didn’t want to study Math. I was ready to study a host of subjects but not Math. Actually, my reluctance towards Math made me a competent corporate lawyer in town.

Kathmandu School of Law

I always feel proud as one of the founders of Kathmandu School of Law (KSL), a pioneer legal education institution of Nepal. Under the leadership of Dr. Yubaraj Sangroula, my teacher and professional mentor, the institution was established in 2000 as a community based, non-profit academic institution. It is the only institution to impart pragmatic and community responsive legal education in the country. Since the establishment of KSL, I have been a faculty member and have been teaching continuously which also allows me the chance to learn and share knowledge with my students and other faculty members.


Life is always full of challenges and you should be ready to overcome every challenge that comes your way. Success can only be achieved if you are able to learn from challenges and be confident in overcoming them. As a member of a middle class family of Kathmandu, I also have gone through various challenges in life, both professional and personal. But, every time I overcome such challenges, I feel strong and more confident towards my work and my responsibilities.

Social Work

I have always felt obliged towards society. Since the beginning of my career, social work has been a passion and I am always ready to serve communities, individuals, families, disadvantaged groups especially women and children. Engaging in social work helps develop skills and the ability to understand and eliminate social evils and problems. Since the establishment of the Center for Legal Research Development (CeLRRd), I am one of the Board Members and am working continuously since 1998 in the field of socio-legal problems of our society being directly involved in research and community based works. I am always ready to provide free legal aid to women, victims of crime in society, and to ensure that they get justice.

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