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Arjun Karki

Arjun Karki is the Senior Manager, Sales & Marketing for the Passenger Vehicle Unit of Sipradi Trading. He has been associated with the company for the last 12 years starting out as Sales Executive for commercial vehicles. In this time he also worked in the finance department before being again transferred to Sales as Product In charge for cars. Here the versatile and dedicated Karki tells us about the five key elements for his success at work and in life:



My family gave me my values in life. I learnt commitment from my father and patience from my mother. I was born to a low middle class family and times were often tough when growing up. I did not have the privilege of having the things I desired. Yet they were always there for me through good times and bad. In the early days of my career, I made mistakes and failed but they stood by me, encouraging me to learn from my mistakes and move on. What I am today is because of my parents blessings.


The right attitude is always important. It‘s being able to balance your emotions in high and low moments of life. There is so much to learn every day and I have learnt to be open to learning with a positive attitude. Things will not always go your way. Every person is bound to make mistakes or fail, but to succeed one has to learn to not fear making mistakes. In every circumstance, you have two choices – to be positive or to be negative. It is important to choose to be positive.

Team Work:

Team work is the key to success. I value every individual on my team and seek contribution from everybody to achieve our work goals. It is important to value the people on your team and to recognise positive contribution. I believe in motivating my team, giving them a sense of ownership, listening to them, and giving them opportunities to excel. Every member of the team matters and it is important to always remember this.

Passion and Dedication:

I give my hundred percent to everything I do. I believe in accepting responsibility and striving to make things happen. Passion and dedication towards work is my success mantra.

Organisational Culture and Environment:

It‘s not always that people who perform get rewarded. There are many people who perform but are not recognised due to the poor organisational culture and management. I am lucky to work with Sipradi whose management has always been supportive, have recognised my hard work and have supported me throughout my career. Sipradi embraces a contemporary management approach which allows me to perform well and grow in my work. People are a company‘s asset and I appreciate my company‘s culture and ensure I do the same for the people on my team.

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