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As we worked on an edition of Business 360

As we worked on an edition of Business 360 that puts the spotlight on the works and achievements of some of our country’s young entrepreneurs and professionals, I thought about what it really means to be young today. My work brings me to meet and engage with people of all age groups and backgrounds, but the ones I truly enjoy working and collaborating and learning from are the young people and the young at heart.

Today’s young force – to me – makes the possible come alive. These are the people who believe in creating their own future. And if you think about it really, it is the only way. Otherwise you will just be giving your power away camouflaged in rules, regulations, dos and don’ts and other people’s beliefs and limitations.

Just today, I came across a beautiful and inspiring moment on a show called America’s Got Talent. There was this exceptional young man filled with energy, enthusiasm and confidence… and a strange vulnerability that made him want to give it his all and own the stage and win. His video talked about all the things he had self learnt despite coming from a family that was torn apart but together. He had chosen every path for himself, every single endeavor to reach where he had and it was clearly not easy but he did it with determination and dedication and perseverance. And I believe when you set out with an intention that is so deep, the universe will align to help you accomplish your goal. And it brought to life the journey of so many people in Nepal who are doing such amazing things in often adverse circumstances and yes, across generations. One that stands out at this point in time is a man who is in the news for all the right reasons, Nims Purja.
It also forced me to think again about my own journey and my place in the world. I may have deviated a little on my path every now and then but I think I have largely stayed committed to many of the values I have chosen to own in this lifetime. But my one big learning that has come to life again observing the youth today is that I don’t think I am ever going to say that I don’t have time… You always have time, you always have a choice, it’s just a matter of how badly you want it.

So no matter your age or circumstance, if you want to do something in politics, arts, science, business, adventure… do it with all of your heart. This country’s future lies in the courage and conviction of her people’s dreams.

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