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Introduction Tort law is a body of rights, obligations, and remedies that is applied by courts in civil proceedings when there are no clear contractual


Ride-sharing business as a part of the larger gamut of the sharing economy has changed the apparatus of conventional transportation service. A large number


The contribution based Social Security Scheme is touted as a much-needed step towards protection of rights and interests of employees being directed to the


The Covid 19 outbreak has hit almost every sector of Nepal’s economy, impacting up to 0.13% of the GDP and rendering up to 15,880


The first hydropower plant was constructed in Nepal in 1911 and since then the energy sector has undergone rapid changes. It has not been


The Covid 19 outbreak has created difficulties in subsistence of livelihoods, health and safety of people including disruptions of global market, trade and commerce.


The laws related to CSR are scattered. For instance, as per the Industrial Enterprises Act 2076 (the “Act”), all companies whose turnover is more


With the slow progression of COVID-19 across the country, employers are facing immediate pressure in multiple areas of the workplace. Considering the potential impact


Anyone who consumes and uses any goods and services are deemed as consumers. As per the prevailing legal regime, the ultimate price of the

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