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Classic Legends launches Jawa Motorcycles in Nepal

Classic Legends launched Jawa Motorcycles in Nepal and announced the inauguration of dealership outlets in collaboration with Agni Moto Inc, a subsidiary of the Agni Group and authorised distributor of Mahindra Two Wheelers and generators. The announcement was shared live on official Facebook page of Agni Moto on October 13 through a virtual launch. The motorcycles were unveiled by Cabinet Shrestha, Managing Director of Agni Group.

The Jawa is priced at Rs 648,500 for single channel ABS while its dual channel ABS variant is priced at Rs 676,500. Jawa 42 is priced at Rs 620,000 and Rs 648,000 for single channel and dual channel ABS variants respectively. Jawa is available in Nepal in three colours: black, maroon and grey. Jawa 42 will be available in six colour variants: lumos lime, halley’s teal, galactic green, starlight blue, comet red, and nebula blue.

Cabinet Shrestha, Managing Director of Agni Group, during the virtual launch said, “It’s a day that most us – the riding community, Jawa lovers and motorcycle enthusiasts – have been waiting for a long time. The idea of undertaking a journey, NOT ALONE, but with a Jawa as a companion. But apart from everything, when you get your hands on a Jawa you’re getting your hands on a slice of history. This motorcycle has dominated motor races, won world titles, stolen hearts, and has been passed down generations what makes the Jawa iconic is its design and performance. And Classic Legends, the company behind Jawa’s revival, has maintained these very aspects. And what we have on our hands are classic looks packed with modern technology. Rugged, reliable, unbreakable Jawa which is classic and legendry motorcycle. And all of us at Agni are extremely proud to partner with Classic Legends to launch this legend finally in Nepal.”

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