Don't you think we need tax-shedding

Life takes on a seemingly normal turn in Nepal. A crisis occurs, everyone focuses on it, it abates and so does the attention. Some people are left with scars that will never heal and some prefer to forget. I don’t know anymore whether this is the wheel of life, and this is exactly how it should be, and that those among us who are questioning and angry are working with negative energy forces.

How can we settle for so little? This is not even mediocrity. This is way below that. Stagflation was a word I had not heard beyond text books. Today it is a part of our lives. Experts and economists are warning that we are in a loop that will be very difficult to break out of, why then are the decision makers inactive. Broken buildings, dirty roads, failing economy and people toughened by inaction, I don’t know any more if there are excuses for us as citizens of this country to be in the position we are in.


Somebody aptly put this up on Facebook. And yes it means something. It means that the government really needs to explain where our tax money goes? We have a PM, six DPMs, a President, Parliamentarians, Ministers, Army, Police force, Bureaucracy, Judiciary all of them receive salaries, have special provisions and specific roles that they have been entrusted with by the citizens of Nepal towards building a progressive and prosperous Nepal. These are not titles of authority for self propagation and superiority; these come with the trust of the common man to secure his/ her future and foster a life of dignity and opportunity.

Problems are real in Nepal, and solutions aren’t always easy, but I believe the real issue is of lack of vision, commitment and conviction. Should that be acceptable to us? If not what are we prepared to do about it?



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