Dr. Roshan Rathi

Dr. Roshan Rathi is the Founder Director of LCCI Global Qualifications. He is also associated with various business schools as management faculty. He holds a PhD in Strategy and Innovation with honors Cum Laude from Atlantic International University, Hawaii (USA) and an MBA from ICMHRD, Pune.

For Rathi, life without passion is meaningless. He likes to interact and train youth and help them develop their careers, and shares a keen interest in the education sector. He believes in establishing organisations which are system driven and focused on doing quality business. According to him management in today’s globalised economy is dynamic and business strategies should be market driven. He has also co-authored a book on Personal Development. He was also, by age, the youngest Assessor for the prestigious FNCCI National Excellence Awards in 2013.

In this issue of Business 360, Dr Roshan Rathi shares the five things that have impacted his work and life:


My first job
I was 20 when I started my first real job. It was like a training school for me. It taught me everything which is needed to establish a good foundation. A lot of hardships, pressure and competition eventually made me competitive. My first job inculcated an attitude in me to be self-dependent, punctual, meeting targets and to be away from excuse makers. Specifically, I owe a lot to my first job for my marketing, selling and communication skills.

My alma mater
The college where I did my MBA was not just memorable but lessons learnt during those days have been lifelong companions. Notably, our founder Prof. Col. Balasubramanian is an institution in himself and the way he has shaped his life and the institution has been a phenomenal inspiration for me. His attitude and extraordinary success from being a son of a village farmer to becoming an education baron are immense, and I am proud that I am his alumni. My alma mater also built an attitude in me to be disciplined, focused and able to work long hours. For me working for 14-16 hours a day at a stretch is easy because of the schooling I received during my MBA days. Today, the corporate world is immensely competitive. You have to cope with the pace or else you will be left behind and that is what I learned during my B-School days.

Thinking out of the box
I have always taken call on my own. Some calls have gone right and some have not. But my ability to break the status quo and think out of the box has given me success as well as satisfaction. More importantly, since I have done it myself, I have gotten my hands dirty and I have got hands on experiences which I share further with my B-school students. Significantly, thinking out of the box is one factor but taking the risk and implementing your idea is a completely different story all together. Many people consider innovation to be the all-important criterion; however, they lack implementing their innovative ideas. Some of the innovations which I have done at LCCI have also received international recognition and awards.

Finding my core
I have tried to focus myself on making core specialisation in one area. Most successful people are successful because they specialise in one or two areas. I have never been attracted by opportunities which are beyond my core area of work. I stick to my limited but specialised areas of work. It may not pay in the short run, but in longer run it pays off not just financially but also intellectually and socially. There have been instances where I have been offered assignments which are doable but are not my major strengths, and people have criticised me saying that I am narrowing down my options, but I believe otherwise. In fact, it is about being confident in your core strength and sticking to your specialised work.

My attitude towards work and enjoyment
In general, I work longer hours. I enjoy working hard, but, I have made the habit of making sure that I ease out after work through get-togethers, food, music and movies. I believe it is vital to balance one’s professional and personal life. I set my goals at regular intervals both professionally as well as personally which gives a holistic mission to my life.


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