Hamro Patro arranges for doctors' advice on coronavirus infection Business 360

Hamro Patro arranges for doctors' advice on coronavirus infection at Rs 200 per call

KATHMANDU: The omicron variant of coronavirus is not that deadly, but it is highly contagious.

Everyone would contract the infection caused by the Omicron variant, says Founder and Chairman at Hamro Patro, Rudra Raj Pandey.

Pandey, who is also the Founder and Chairman at Deerwalk Institute of Technology, shared on his Facebook post, “Most of my American friend’s families are suffering from Covid 19. They have already received booster doses of vaccines against Covid 19 but that could not prevent the infection. He wrote, “Pfizer and Moderna are preparing to launch a new vaccines against Omicron.”

Pandey has further urged all not to be afraid. He opined that the virus has proven to be less deadly. It does not cause much harm to those who have been vaccinated. He has also urged everyone to get vaccinated.

The infection caused by omicron is similar to cold and cough. Therefore, taking medicine against the common cold, cough and fever after consulting with a doctor makes it easier to fight with Omicron. Pandey further advised all to wear a mask, wash hands regularly and maintain social distance.

According to top scientists from the WHO and the United States, the Omicron variant appears to be no worse than other coronavirus strains, They have also cautioned that more research is needed to judge its severity.

There was no sign that Omicron could fully sidestep protections provided by existing Covid vaccines, WHO emergencies director Michael Ryan has said. “We have highly effective vaccines that have proved effective against all the variants so far, in terms of severe disease and hospitalisation… There’s no reason to expect that it wouldn’t be so” for Omicron, he added, pointing to initial data from South Africa, where the strain was first reported.

Likewise, top US scientist Anthony Fauci has echoed the WHO’s view, saying Omicron did not appear worse than prior strains based on early indications — and was possibly milder.

The omicron variant is “clearly highly transmissible,” very likely more so than Delta, the current dominant global strain, Fauci has said. “It almost certainly is not more severe than Delta,” Fauci has said  stating, “There is some suggestion that it might even be less severe.”

But he noted it was important to not over-interpret this data because the populations being followed skewed young and were less likely to become hospitalised. Severe disease can also take weeks to develop. “Then as we get more infections throughout the rest of the world, it might take longer to see what’s the level of severity.”

Meanwhile, Hamro Patro has made available doctors for giving advice at this convenient time during the coronavirus pandemic.

The doctors at Hamro Patro are available for consultation and advice for Rs 200 per call.


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