happiness is transitory

It’s hard to have it tough when you are struggling to find your place in the ness.
Sometimes when I drive through the city, I look at the haphazard mushrooming of buildings. There is little aesthetic, there is little room to breathe, there is little sense to the projects. Everyone wants to ensure that they encroach every bit of land available to them. I often think about what drives people to build. Yes, when you have the wealth you want to build. But what confuses me is the man who already has a home or two building with insane purpose scrounging on his and his family’s needs. What drives the need for brick and mortar that will outlive you and that deprives you of the smaller joys that you are sacrificing today.

Our hospitals are full. Our homes are congested. Our rivers are clogged. The air is polluted. The trees are missing. Our happiness is transitory… we are living intervals of happy moments between periods of unhappiness. Every person running, chasing and fighting a battle against time. The end of life as we know it is inevitable. Would it then not make sense to fill it with good purpose?

Do we have to be rich and wealthy to do good? I don’t think so. The choices we make as average citizens can do good if we only live with consciousness. When you buy something, think like a conscious consumer… would your money be better spent elsewhere, do you really need the product…. and when you are making a purchase do you question whether you believe in the product and the company you are buying from. What is their social impact. How do they reduce their environmental impact. Do they have a CSR program.

We affect the world every bit. We are all interconnected. Our successes and failures are really a matter of the choices we make and the awareness with which we lead out lives. The world can be better. We must want it to. We must act on it to. Start simply with the economics of happiness and wellbeing.

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