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“In the midst of chaos, there are always opportunities”

Nagma Shrestha is the National Director of Miss Universe Nepal. Shrestha is the title holder of Miss Nepal Earth 2012 and was among the top eight finalists for the title of Miss Earth held in Philippines. She was the third runner up of World Miss University 2016 held in China; won the Best Tourism Video at Miss Eco Universe 2016 in Egypt, and is the first Nepali to represent the country in Miss Universe 2017 held in USA. Currently, she is managing Miss Universe Nepal 2020 Anshika Sharma for Miss Universe and planning the second edition of the title. In this edition of Business 360, she shares her pick of top brand and what she has learnt from soem of them.

3 campaigns that you have learnt something from

Smile Train: As a Miss Universe alumni, I came to know and did work with Smile Train when I was representing Nepal on the global stage. The organisation works on treating a single yet solvable problem for children – cleft. But they do so by following a sustainable ‘teach a man to fish’ model instead of just treating children with cleft. Smile Train partners with local in-country medical professionals to provide cleft treatments to patients in their own communities. My experience with Smile Train doubles down on the belief that empowering others can bring about a greater and amplified change.

Teach For Nepal ‘One Day in a Classroom’: Back in 2019, I was part of TFN’s ‘One day in a Classroom’ national campaign along with my sash sisters Shristi and Subeksha. I was one of 113 professionals from different sectors visiting a school in a rural area to take a class. The basic idea was to expose the kids to the various ambitions they can have, i.e. to the possibilities of what they achieve if they dare to dream. While the experience still warms my heart, it is an epitome of how just one moment, one interaction can change lives.

Luxuryyogi: You are what you eat: A friend, a sister, and a mentor; Prerana Shah is my partner in crime when hunting for vegan food around Kathmandu. Her holistic transformation coaching knowledge has helped me realise the changes I can bring to my day and my life when I sync with nature. Eating more fresh greens, getting ample Vitamin D, staying hydrated, and scheduling my day along with the sun keeps me feeling good and energised all day long!

Your work philosophy

In the midst of chaos, there are always opportunities.

Top 5 apps you use constantly

Miss Universe Nepal App. Instagram. WhatsApp. Zoom. I am

5 brands you long to possess

Louis Vuitton, Porsche 911, Tiffany & Co diamond ring, everything of Fenty by Rihanna and Chanel

3 destinations within Nepal you want to travel to

Rara, Pokhara and Upper Mustang

3 women-run businesses you think deserve accolades

Tezza- Tezzaapp, bytezza, tezza.co
Rihanna- Fenty
Jessica Alba – The Honest Company

5 individuals who inspire you

Ellen Degeneres, Swastika Shrestha, Oprah Winfrey, Dr.Sanduk Ruit and Michelle Obama

One organisation you want to contribute to

Teach for Nepal

The best work advice you have received so far

Follow the 4 P’s: Passion, Perseverance, Persistence and Patience

4 Nepali startups you think deserve the spotlight

Makkuse, Pinches, Stemp, Hatti Hatti

2 Nepali companies whose PR strategies are spot-on

Ncell and Honda

If you could change ONE thing about the prevalent beauty pageant scenario in Nepal, what would that be?

Post-pageant grooming

Name 3 beauty queens who have made their mark in the world for their humanitarian works and/or entrepreneurial initiatives or achieved things beyond their title.

Pia Wurtzbach, Miss Universe 2015
Sushmita Sen.
Gal Gadot

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