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Jagannath Dahal

Jagannath Dahal is a Brand Expert associated with the largest cement producer, Jagdamba Cement Industries of Nepal since the last nine years.

He believes in the culture of respect, integrity and high standards of business excellence in his work.

In this edition of Business 360, he shares the five things that impact his work and life.

I always engage myself in those areas where I can learn. Learning is my passion. This is my third job. I enjoy my job and scan the changes which change the social behaviour of people. I try to learn those values from society which prepare me to become a better human.

My family are always a source of inspiration for me. My family taught me that consistency and continuity are the two big swords of life. Dreams can be changed according to the learnings of life. My father’s morals and ethics, my son’s dreams, my mother’s unconditional love and my wife’s blind support are my strengths in life.

I am fond of travelling. Mustang, Pokhara, Illam, Rara are my favourite places where I dilute myself in nature. There is a big list of places where I want travel to.

I love sports, especially football. Whenever I get time, I play a game. Sports add excitement and adventure to my life. I believe it also builds character to face challenges.

Building work relationships
Being in communication allows me to interact with people from different walks of life. The trust a person gains from others builds the reputation and business network of a person.

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