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Nepal Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) is the largest auto show in Nepal. In the 13th edition of this flagship event, B360 spoke with some NADA participants who lead the marketing and sales of their respective automobile brands about the impact of limitation on auto lending and their coping strategy.

Karun Shakya
Senior Manager Marketing Maruti Suzuki, CG Motocorp

Has the restriction on auto loan affected sales?

Unfortunately, the entire automobile industry was affected by the decision of the government regarding the auto loan policy. We were no different; but on the brighter side, we managed to make timely course correction which enabled us to maintain a stronger position in the industry.

How was 2016 in terms of sales?

2016 was a very good year for the entire automobile industry as economy was rebounding from political crisis and people were very optimistic. We managed to achieve many highs during this year and solidify our position in the market. The start of 2017 was plagued by the auto loan crisis and this has taken up most part of the year. However, there is hope for remaining months of the year with innovative course corrections taken by the industry and few positive signs shown by the government. We also have the festive season and NADA Auto Show round the corner. With this we have more than good expectation that we will end this year strong.

Considering the traffic and road situation of the country do you think the auto market will grow?

The automobile industry will grow regardless of the traffic and road situation. Owning your personal transport has become a necessity rather than luxury. Unless a magical turn around in the public transport system and security takes place, it will continue to grow.

What are the factors you consider while launching a product in the Nepali market?

Multiple factors need to be considered. First, we need to consider the product compatibility with Nepali customers and driving condition which is garnered through research and understanding. Then there is price mapping, competitor mapping, industry analysis and timing for unveiling, promotions and product sustenance to name a few basics.

Do you work according to the market plan of the parent company?

We are the few privileged company—we develop our own market plan.

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