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Kathmandu Marriott Hotel Turns Two

Kathmandu Marriott Hotel celebrated its second anniversary on April 18.

General Manager, Fabien Martinez remarked, “In pursuit of providing the best service, we are constantly adapting and innovating. The journey to achieving this milestone has been challenging, however we are here due to the hard work and dedication of our associates and stakeholders. We understand the need for a safe environment for both our guests and associates. Therefore, our associates are well-trained in safety and hygiene protocols. Marriott’s commitment to clean standards aligns with expert protocols, which help us actively monitor and evolve our solutions to ensure a continued focus on the health and safety of our guests and associates.”

Kathmandu Marriott is one of the hotels that has stayed open throughout the pandemic, continuously providing a much-needed safe space for travelers. Throughout its two-year run, the hotel has introduced new cuisines to the food lovers of Kathmandu with various offers and food festivals. The hotel has recently opened a Mediterranean restaurant, Tahina Terrace. Additionally, the hotel has been actively taking on its social responsibility by giving back to the community through events such as Walk for Warmth, raising funds through Thanksgiving dinners, and donating food.

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