Kushe Aunshi or Father's Day being observed across country today

File – Hindu devotees visit Gokarneshwar Temple on the occasion of Kushe Aunshi in Gokarna, Kathmandu district. People those who have lost their fathers visit the temple on this day also called Father’s Day. Photo: RSS

KATHMANDU: Hindu devotees across the country are observing Kushe Aunshi today.

On this day, Kusha grass is collected for performing rituals such as Shraddha (remembering the departed forefathers).  There is a religious belief that keeping Kusha grass collected by priests and anointed with sacred verses or mantras in the house brings well-being to the household. Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita, a 700-verse Hindu scripture, has also recommended Kusha grass as part of the ideal seat for meditation.

Kusha, Tulasi (basil plant), Peepal and Shaligram (ammonite stone) are regarded as the symbols of Lord Vishnu.

On the occasion of Kushe Aunshi, also called Gokarne Aunshi or Father’s Day, children serve delicious food items including sweets to their fathers and show reverence.

As per the religious belief of ‘Pitridevo Bhava’ (respect to ancestors), the son and daughter receive blessings from their fathers, and those who have lost their fathers pay homage to various temples or religious sites and perform Shraddha. By doing this, it is believed that their lineage will remain stable forever.

Shraddha ritual is performed in three main religious sites — Gokarnaneshwor in Kathmandu, Betrawati in  Rasuwa, and Vishnupaduka in Dharan.


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