Madhu Kumar Marasini

Madhu Kumar Marasini is the Joint Secretary at the Ministry of Finance (MoF), Government of Nepal. He is recognised as a highly dedicated and professional administrator, and currently serves in the Budget and Programme Division of the Ministry. He was formerly Joint Secretary of the Social Development Division and the Chief of International Economic Cooperation Coordination Division (IECCD). Marasini has served the government in various capacities for 24 years now.

Marasini holds a Masters Degree in International and Development Economics from Crawford School of Economics and Government, and also has a certificate of completion in Executive Education from Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Government.

He is a published writer and believes in hard work and dedication. In this issue of Business 360°, Marasini shares the five things that have impacted his life and career. Excerpts:



Had there been no books and my craving for self study, I would have lamented a lot for not having achieved all that I had dreamt. I don’t only love reading books, they are also a source to my inner fulfilment. Autobiographies are my favourite genre as they help me understand how great minds evolved, how hardship can only be a deterrent for a short span of time and how winners eventually win. It also helps me identify where I stand today and on what ground.

Motivational books, on the other hand, work as an energizer. They feed me with positivity and enthusiasm. They remind to keep going despite the odds.
I source immense encouragement from books and find them enriching. I also believe that books, under curriculum or from open shelves, have enhanced my knowledge and intelligence.

Colleagues and friends

The company you keep and preserve speaks a lot about you. Friends have a big influence on how you feel, think, behave and live. My friend circle mostly includes professionals like CEOs and ambassadors and they have highly motivated me. Colleagues on the other hand are implicit to my official performance. I am a group player and most of my official and career related accomplishments have been possible just because of my colleagues. I believe colleagues and friends bring great joy to my living. I can never imagine my life without them.


My family, especially my father, have supported me endlessly despite hardships in their own lives. Their unconditional care and sacrifice has been the biggest blessing of my life. They sent me to Kathmandu for higher studies even though funding the same was a herculean task. Most importantly, they trusted me to live freely, away from them which enabled me to follow my dreams. Their trust in me has always inspired me to work hard and secure my present status. My parents also taught me a lot about unequivocal love and affection. Today, I have applied the same to my children because I believe that parents should always let their children pave their own path and follow their own dreams, instead of trying to craft their fate.

Teachers and seniors

My life has to a large extent also been shaped by my teachers and seniors. I have felt myself privileged to have these mentors. The lessons I learnt within walls from my teachers and the knowledge I drew outside of class from my seniors has helped me secure career success and understand the meaning of life.


The completion of my Masters Degree in Economics with distinction from Crawford School of Economics and Government was one of the biggest achievements of my life. I learnt a lot and was able to build my confidence on completion of the degree. The degree also gave me an opportunity to work at the World Bank in Washington DC for two years. I being a Joint Secretary have to interact with a lot of foreign delegates. I need to be able to speak with them about our government’s plans and policies. I need to able to negotiate with foreign delegates about what we need. To perform all this, one needs to be able to communicate confidently and with substance. That course offered me a whole lot of what I needed for my professional life.

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