Mahesh Kumar Thapa

Mahesh Kumar Thapa is Managing Partner at Sinha Verma Law Concern. He has been practicing law for 23 years and has built a strong reputation in the field. Law was never a first choice of career when he graduated in 1993, he wanted a career in government service instead. But destiny had different plans and he grew to love a profession that was more an act of compulsion in the early days.

Today, Thapa loves what he does and feels fortunate to be mentored by the likes of Anil Sinha, and Parsuram Koirala who motivated him through is journey. Despite keeping a busy schedule, Thapa enjoys hiking, movies, music, reading and time with his family.
In this edition of Business 360 he shares the five things that have impacted his work and life.

The contribution of the family has a significant role in my personal and business life. I live with my mother, wife and two daughters. My wife takes the responsibility of the household which allows me to concentrate on my business. I do try to maintain work life balance.

My work gives me happiness. Work is not only about money or utilising time; it is more about honor and dignity for me. A dignified life is only possible it becomes pride for all of the family. I come from a middle class agriculture based family in a village. True to the nature of Nepali society, my family does not only comprise of those living with me. There are many others who helped me reach this stage in my career through their support in many different ways. I have immense respect and gratitude for them.

Attitude plays a vital role in progress. No matter what your profession is, this is the magic word that attracts everyone, but is hard to follow. The legal profession is a service industry where attitude defines your growth and success. A lawyer cannot be successful just because s/he has good skills in drafting and arguing. A positive attitude makes all the difference.

For any organisation, teamwork is the most effective ladder to success. I have always given first priority to my team. The legal profession in Nepal is still in infancy, most lawyers work individually. Big law firms are very few in numbers. Sinha Verma Law Concern (SVLC) is comparatively big in size. We have developed a culture of teamwork over the years since the time Justice Anil Sinha headed the firm earlier.

Passion is most required in the legal profession. In the early stage of our profession, income may not be satisfying. Mid career, there is work and corresponding amount of income. And in the latter part of professional life, volume of work is less, but income builds up. One must have patience and passion. And passion does not work without dedication. I still remember my early career days almost 22 years back. One of the founders of SVLC, late Justice Krishna Kumar Verma, used to tell us that a lawyer should work like a horse and should live like a hermit. I did not understand his words then. But now it is a symbolic resonation of passion and dedication required for lawyers to grow and become successful.

Work Culture and Environment
The office should look like an office, no matter how informal you are or your team is. We at SVLC try to work in an environment where everyone’s role is defined properly, performed accordingly with good discipline, and everyone’s contribution is given due respect. We maintain proper timing and reporting. Every individual at SVLC feels that s/he is a part of the family. Their concerns are recognised, and their contributions are recorded and rewarded. Their works is valued, and personal and professional dignity is maintained.

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