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Management Tips from the BEST IN BUSINESS

Ankita Jain and Dibesh Dangol of B360 learnt from some of the Nepal’s best recognised managers about their top management tips.

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Anil Keshary Shah
Chief Executive Officer, Nabil Bank Ltd.

# Build on your strengths. Everyone focuses on improving weaknesses. You can distinguish yourself by paying particular attention to areas of strength as this is where you’ll receive the greatest return for your investment.

# Invest in your people. Give your employees the tools and training they need to provide exceptional service. If you learn how to manage them efficiently then the returns are immensely higher.

# Always follow your happiness. Money is important but always remember passion can’t be replaced. Follow your happiness and the rest will eventually follow.


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Sashin Joshi
Group Executive Director, Jawalakhel Group of Industries (JGI)

# Empower others by helping them grow and develop their skills and capabilities through education and on-the-job learning.

# Lead by example and set the pace via your expectations and behaviour. Provide recognition when others do the same.

# Build a team of different leaders and make them work together. This enables other staff to collaborate more effectively with each. People feel as if they have become more – more effective, more creative, more productive – in the presence of a team builder.


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Rajesh Ramdas
General Manager, Hyatt Regency Kathmandu

# Constantly sharpen your saw. Learn from your mistakes. Keep yourself updated and pick any random topic on a regular basis and research on it.

# Always remind yourself where you come from. This keeps you grounded and motivated throughout. And you set an example for others.

# Management is all about people. Hereby, it is of utmost importance that you help them realise their potentials and ultimately let them grow. This will automatically help your company with better results.


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Monika Petra Scheiblauer
General Manager, Hotel Yak & Yeti

# Never take half-hearted decisions where you think that the decision could be wrong. This is already giving an early indication for not making things happen because our minds are contradicting the thoughts in our heart and hence a dilemma occurs.

# If you are in a situation where you think it is not right to take a decision in a particular way, you should not do it. It is very much related to ethics in business. We take decisions when we are sure about what we are doing and where it is going to lead us with the decision.

# Whatever you do, do it with passion. Only if you do things that are driven by passion, you will excel because you no longer take the task as a job; it is coming out beautifully from within you and the results are always better.


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Upendra Pradhan
Head of Sales and Marketing, Dabur Nepal

# Management must ensure integrity in operations. This is the key to establishing and maintaining respect for the company and its people. Integrity eventually has a positive effect in the business operations. It helps to guide values, aspiration, patterns of thought and behaviour.

# To stay competitive, businesses today must change and adapt to the latest standards. Adaptability entails being open to new ideas and concepts, being able to work on an independent basis or with a team as the situation demands, and juggling multiple projects without getting puzzled when conditions suddenly change. Openness to the new ideas and the flexibility in work has become one of the keys to success.

# No matter what kind of company or individual, long term vision eventually will have the better chance to succeed. Companies who have long term vision are better placed for long term success.


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