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By Samrat Amatya

“The world is a book and those who don’t travel read only a page” said Saint Augustine. And only true! The world is an open book and traveling enriches our mind with knowledge, but traveling can get difficult if you can’t work your way around. To make life easier, here’s a list of apps that will make traveling convenient, enjoyable and less of a hassle.


TripAdvisor is one of the most popular travel apps that you definitely need to install. Either national or international travel, this nifty little app has got you covered. From discovering hotels to finding flights, the app has it all. Besides that, you can also make a reservation at restaurants right from the app. All you have to do to use the app is to mention your current location and your destination. The app will generate various suggestions and even user posts and video about the said destination. Things like great places to visit, monuments to check out are all suggested to you. A convenient way to determine the important places to check out at your destination! And did I mention, you can actually plan a trip right in the app itself? You can create an event and invite your friends and family to join in. A must-have app to plan your next getaway!


OYO is a hotel service that has become popular in recent times! It is India’s largest hospitality company operating in numerous countries like India, Malaysia, UAE, China, Indonesia, and even Nepal. Whether it is a national or an international travel, OYO serves all. It has one of the best yet affordable hotel rooms for your trip. From their app, you can easily search for the nearest hotel and book rooms. The app gives you all the needed details like the facilities, the price charged, food served at the particular hotel. You can also order meals and beverages straight from the app. Besides being convenient, having a known brand on foreign soil is always welcome.

Google Translate

One of the hassles of traveling internationally is the language barrier. Visiting foreign countries without the knowledge of the language can be a problem. Ofcourse, there may be a tour guide but it is difficult to rely on him/her for the smaller mundane things. Google Translate will help reduce the lingual barrier. You can use this app to point at certain signs, click a picture, and translate them to your language. A useful way to identify the restroom sign or even to read a menu. Beside this, you can translate a conversation in real time! You can speak to the app and it automatically translates your voice to the desired language. And if that wasn’t enough, you can write on the app to get the translation. Communicating with others while on vacation couldn’t get any easier. A must-have app if you are traveling to foreign shores!


One of the basic yet important apps while traveling is the Maps app. Most smartphones come installed with a map application these days. Both the Apple and Android ecosystem have their own Maps application. But the most accurate and feature-packed map app is probably that from Google. Google Maps can be a boon for traveling both nationally and internationally. Google without fail provides a map for every country in the world. You can find out your current location and get a step-by-step guide to get to the place you want to go. You can find hotels, national monuments, restaurants, hospitals, bus and train routes and much more straight from the app. You can also save a map offline to preserve some expensive mobile data. And to top it all, Google Maps has a large community making it easy to get suggestions from. 

Google Trips

Google Trips turns your smartphone into an all-in-one travel assistant, consolidating travel itineraries and reservations straight from your emails into automatically sorted trips. Google collates your flight details, hotel and car reservations, tour itineraries and other information available in your emails. It also provides recommendations, suggested day plans and related local sights and attractions based on your tastes, interests and local travel tips. You can save your trip details locally to your smartphone, allowing for offline use away from local Wi-Fi or pricey roaming rates. Besides that, you can check out the popular things to do along with the food and drink available at the said location. The app also shows you the discounts available at popular sites. A convenient way to plan your trips and get the best out of it!

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