Nature’s Fiery Reprimand

The solution lies within. Introspect to create a caring world.

Reams have been written and un-measurable digital space has been devoted to one issue: the mystery behind Covid 19. But I, somehow, feel the eruption of this most lethal pandemic will remain an enigma. The immediate secret behind its sudden outburst and rapid expansion globally will never be allowed to be revealed by geo-strategic forces. There is too much at stake for global powers. Covid 19 is far more than a scientific mystery.

But on another plane involving the common man, the fury of this virus is quite fairly understandable. We have been watching for decades how people, especially those inhabiting the advanced nations and also controlling weaker countries, have been wantonly exploiting Nature. They knew what all this could lead to but never imagined that Nature could be so unsparing, ruthless and calamitous in its retribution.

The worst violators of environment never thought that Nature’s wrath would be able to pierce their shield of wealth and abundant resources. They thought that bad could happen only to the poor and meek. Yes, the underprivileged did get hit but even the well- heeled class was swept of its feet. Oh, how the mighty have fallen snuffing out millions of innocent lives in tow.

Our current models of development and business success have bitten the dust. The corporate world needs to look at the world afresh. It better do so if it wants the earth to heal itself. What purpose will our stock exchanges, absurd business indices, solely profit-oriented practices and extravagant life styles serve if the world chokes and we die fighting for water and oxygen? The battle for fresh air has begun in the most developed of nations.

I often fearfully envision Mother Nature scowling and mocking at us. I see her fuming at us, “You avaricious, uncaring and self-seeking humans! Are you now realising what pain you have caused to me over the years? I suffered in silence till you pulled out this tiny virus from my guts. What you call Covid 19 has sent you scurrying for refuge. Just one little virus and you are begging for life.

“Now you know what I am. I am NATURE. You are not my only children. Every creature in the ocean, every animal on land and every being in the sky is also mine – as close and as dear to me as you. But you humans have created chaos everywhere. Driven by greed and your reckless lifestyle you are destroying marine life. You have not spared even their habitat. Pollution has driven away even tiny sparrows. You have destroyed forests for furniture. You are burning coal for electricity. No wonder, global warming is forcing glaciers to melt at an alarming rate. Ocean levels are rising, creeping across low-lying lands. This is despite the fact that you understand too well what this pursuit of false pleasure can lead to. Alas, the sane voices are being drowned in the cacophony of conspicuous consumption.

“Enough is enough. You have created enough chaos. Now you must learn and acknowledge. I am here to teach you – teach you self- control,” Mother Nature sternly conveys the message and exits my mind as suddenly as She enters it. I am left stunned and in a state of deep contemplation.

I wonder why humans consider self-control as restriction and bondage. Freedom for us often means crossing all boundaries and norms. We walk into dangerous terrain with our eyes wide open. We get into wasteful competition.

In the name of religion, we stoke fires of confrontation and conflagration. We have built shrines the world over to worship our own versions of Nature though Nature is the same for all. That is why we worship in our shrines and then walk out to slaughter each other. Where is the compassion and piety that self-appointed religious high priests talk of? We are pathetic hypocrites. For us humanity is just another word in the dictionary. It has no place in our hearts.

It is time for introspection. The only place safe from today’s utter darkness is our inner self. We must go inside, meditate and listen to our voice. Introspect, restrain, meditate and listen to your voice. Feel the calmness within. The new way to life and business will gradually emerge and we will be able to build a caring world.

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Basant Chaudhary

Basant Chaudhary is a Poet, Writer, The Chairman of BLC and Basant Chaudhary Foundation. ([email protected])

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