Nepal’s 1st E-ICU at Vayodha Hospital Inaugurated on its 6th Annual Day

Vayodha Hospital has emerged as a medical center of excellence in Nepal within a short period of time despite various challenges and always getting through the help of cutting edge technological advancements, operational innovations, pioneering medical rescue operations and several other medical services for Nepalese and international patients. It is also serving as a referral center with all sorts of medical facilities, technologies and life rescuing services under a single roof, that of, Vayodha Hospital Pvt. Ltd. Within half a decade of its conception, Vayodha has risen and stood tall amongst the pioneers of quality medical service providers in Nepal.

With regards to the value of minutes to seconds and uncompromised round-the-clock state-of-the-art care required in the management of critically ill patients, Vayodha has perceived the need and is determined to fulfill the void for such a set par excellence, in the form of its newly conceived ICCU and E-ICU – a current trend in critical care practice in the developed nations.


Vayodha proudly announces the opening of Blood Bank & 1st EICU of Nepal in association of Critinext, Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, New Delhi, India. Critinext, an E-ICU model is Nepal’s first teleicu which provides “Intensive Care beyond Boundaries”. This is a fusion of critical care skills, technology, and innovation to enable remote team of specialist doctors to manage critically ill patients at site instead of transferring them to out of Nepal.

This E-ICU/ICCU is equipped to make it almost infection-free zone. One nurse attends to one patient along with a dedicated medical team. Moreover, separate equipment, instruments and utensils are used for each patient to avoid cross-infection.

E-ICU Benefits for Patients

  • Able to stay in Kathmandu yet get treated with expert’s opinion and advice from India.
  • Avoid expensive/dangerous transfers

E-ICU Benefits for Staff on Site

Communications, Navigation & Surveillance System – which uses sophisticated algorithms to detect and advise E-ICU clinicians to important trends and changes in the patient’s condition, enabling more proactive care with fewer complications.

  • Physician/Nursing Support & Satisfaction
  • Information Center only a phone call away

E-ICU Clinical Management

24×7 availability of dedicated multidisciplinary team which includes Critical Care experts and all other specialties

  • Daily Medical Round System
  • 24×7 Monitoring & Support from Command Centre (Real Time)
  • Antibiogram Establishment & Antibiotic Stewardship Programs
  • SOP’s implementations, structured team meetings to involve the entire system in the converging process.
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