Nimbus brings technologically advanced Nokira bags that prevent germs

Ever since its inception, Nimbus has been moving in an innovative direction and is the first mover in various areas embracing new technologies. The company is actively doing various market trials and is now producing Nokira bags using Vestergaard’s ZeroFly technology.

ZeroFly is a ground-breaking innovation for the safe storage of grain, seed and pulses. These bags are an ideal solution for small and medium size farmers, it can be stored in areas with existing insect infestation without any risk.

Nokira bags will provide an insect-free storage facility to the farmers, traders and millers. Each fibre of the bags is infused with raw materials, which can prevent insects and increases the effectiveness of the product. Also, the raw materials used in this manufacturing process are approved by Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and World Health Organisation (WHO). It is also classified as Food Safe under Codex, US and EU regulations.

The bags are available in 25-, 35-and 50-kg sizes.

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