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Nitin Agarwal

Nitin Agrawal started his career in 2012 when he was in the 4th year of studies at Kathmandu College of Management. He has a passion for international brands in FMCG, personal care, luxury and consumer electronic segments. His company, Stallion International is engaged in distribution, trading and retail of some of the fastest growing brands in these segments. In this edition of Business 360, Agarwal shares his pick of top brands and lessons learnt.

A brand or person that you have learnt something from

Elon Musk: While most of us only think of new ideas, Elon Musk has always proved that we should take the extra leap to take those ideas and try to transform them into reality. We need to build the courage to take those risks in life.

Your work philosophy

My work philosophy is based on two things: honesty and credibility. Both of these I have learnt from my father. I truly believe that you become more successful if the people around you can value you for these two attributes.

4 apps you use the most

Outlook, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram

5 brands on your wish list

Fossil Smartwatch Gen 5 The Carlyle
Omega sunglasses
Mont Blanc, Star Walker Pen
Prada Briefcase – Saffiano

3 destinations in Nepal you want to travel to

Everest Base Camp, Mera Peak, Kanyam

5 entrepreneurs who inspire you

Min Bahadur Gurung (Bhatbhateni), Brian Chesky (Airbnb), Garrett Camp & Travis Kalanick (Uber) , Steve Jobs (Apple), and my father

The best work advice you have received so far

“Planning should be focused on building a stronger foundation” – Bishnu Raj Adhikari, Principal of KCM.

4 Nepali startups you think deserve the spotlight

Foreveryng, Khalti, Tootle, Foodmandu

2 Nepali companies whose PR strategies are spot-on

Nabil Bank, Shivam Cement

If you could change ONE thing about the present entrepreneurial scene in Nepal, what would that be?

More flexibility in terms of ease of doing business.

Your current favourite from Hourglass

Tom Ford Eric FT0595 & Emporio Armani AR11289

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