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Amidst an array of new vehicles making its way into Nepal, hoping to create a benchmark, the electric scooter NIU is recently launched. Classed as the world’s number 1 smart scooter, NIU was born at the intersection of technology and industrial design. Officially launched to the public in Beijing, China, Co-founder LI Yi Nan (former CTO of Baidu) and Token HU (formerly of Frog Design and Microsoft) joined forces to create a vehicle that envisions a new way urbanites live, work, and socialise in their favourite cities around the world.

With over 250,000 units sold worldwide, NIU has made a breakthrough with its iconic design and state of the art technology. Nepal is the first country in South Asia to enjoy the NIU experience. The NIU N1s is the first model to make its way to Kathmandu in five colours: white, red, metallic blue, space gray and black. Under the seat you will find 18.9 liters of storage capacity, making it easy to stow your helmet, small bags, and basic items for when you are on the go.When designing the final seat height, a number of considerations were taken into play, not the least of which was rider comfort while in the idle mode waiting at a traffic light. At 740mm above the ground, riders feel safe while zipping by other vehicles, and comfortable to place their foot on the ground while waiting for the light to turn green.

The top speed of NIU N1s is 45km/h that gives you 80 kilometers of freedom on a single charge. With the smooth, quick, high-tech, a bit stiff, and a little flimsy is the vibe on this one. NIU would take 2-3 people to carry it, but the battery is light, only 10kgs. At the heart of the N1S is an automobile inspired Battery Management System (BMS) that regulates power consumption and ensures safety. NIU also comes with a two year guarantee on the battery pack.

At the core of the N1S sits the BOSCH developed 2400W Motor.The NIU proprietary Field Oriented Control delivers the ultimate driving experience. This mash-up of technology and hardware strikes the perfect balance of performance and power consumption.

The iconic N1S headlamp is more than just a statement. The all-new unibody lamp integrates a daytime running light and standard light that takes advantage of the unique 360 degree CCFL structure combined with our LED bead lamps–providing an ultra-wide arc of light for improved vision and safety at night. Additionally, a TechnoLED lamp structure is used that seamlessly integrates a rear light, turning indicators, brake light, and license plate lamp.

The NIU Smart Dash provides the basic diagnostics in a quick-view form so a rider can see at a glance their speed, remaining battery capacity and their real-time amperage (or more simply how much strain they are putting on the battery).

The NIU APP provides real-time visibility on the status of your N1S. Your scooter may be out of site, but you can have peace of mind of its security with our anti-theft tracking feature. Additionally you can view, at a glance, how much battery is remaining, track your recent rides, get instant updates with any scooter malfunctions, locate the nearest service station, and peruse the user manual with a few swipes of the app…and this is just the beginning.

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