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Nivita Pradhan

Nivita Pradhan is the Vice President of Nepalese Young Entrepreneurs Forum (NYEF). She holds an MBA degree from the Ace Institute of Management. Pradhan oversees international partnerships and communications of Hydro Solutions, a family business with interests in hydropower, manufacturing, education, real estate and tourism sectors. She is also an investor in startup projects. Listed here are her pick of top brands:

Top 3 apps I use the most

● WhatsApp
● Gmail
● YouTube

5 things I want to do as soon as the lockdown is over

● Coffee with friends
● Visit my grandparents
● Help out more than giving donations only during these times
● Get a haircut
● Go for a hike

3 favourite restaurants

● Nina’s
● Saigon Pho
● Le Mirch

A destination in Nepal I want to travel to

● Rara Lake

3 companies in Nepal doing well during the pandemic

● Bhatbhateni
● Khalti
● eSewa

3 women-run businesses I admire

● Aama ko Achar
● Khaalisisi
● Kazi Studios

5 global entrepreneurs who inspire me

● Sarah Blakely
● Jack Ma
● Warren Buffett
● Ambica Shrestha
● Mukesh Ambani

Gadget I cannot do without

● My phone

4 new things I tried during the lockdown

● Yoga
● Learnt to bake Eclairs
● Cooked Tteokbokki from scratch
● Caught up on reading

Music on loop

● “Laakhau Hajarau” by Yabesh Thapa

Top 3 TV series I have been binge watching

● Money Heist
● Go Back Couple
● Big Bang Theory

A charity I want to support

● Animal Nepal or Sneha’s Care

The best work advice I have received

● From my Dad, Gyanendra Lal Pradhan: “If something is beyond your control, don’t stress over it. Look for ways to overcome it. If you are still confused, seek a mentor.”

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