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PCPS College offers micro degree program in AI in partnership with Fusemachines Nepal

Patan College for Professional Studies has partnered with Fusemachines Nepal, an artificial intelligence talent and education solutions company to offer Microdegree Program in Artificial Intelligence. The college will offer an extra Microdegree degree with their undergrad program, B.Sc. (Hons.) in Computer Science and Software Engineering degree.

The partnership commenced with the objective to provide AI career progression opportunities to young and innovative minds and fulfil the global AI talent demand-supply gap. The demand for AI skilled manpower is surging year after year. Statistics show that between 2015 and 2019, there has been almost a 100% increase in job postings with AI or Machine Learning tags. According to NASSCOM by the year 2023 demand for digitally skilled manpower will rise up to 2.7 million. There’s a worldwide shortage of AI talent, and developing countries like Nepal lag way behind in its education, and adoption.

The Microdegree in AI program comes under Fusemachines AI program which has a proprietary curriculum and online learning platform with a blended flipped classroom model. This program is an accelerated learning program in artificial intelligence, created by the leading US university faculty members and AI industry experts. Prakash Kumar, Executive Director of PCPS College says, “Under this partnership, students will gain Microdegree in AI along with bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Software Engineering. The two advanced courses are offered as part of Microdegree in AI which includes Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Upon completion, we will further assist the students with internship placements.”

PCPS college offers undergraduate programs in computing and business administration in partnership with University of Bedfordshire, UK which ranked among top 1000 universities of the world by TIMES World Ranking-2020.

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