'Every human being has the equivalent of four credit cards worth of plastics in their organs'

‘Every human being has the equivalent of four credit cards worth of plastics in their organs’

Konstantin Palvidis was recently in Kathmandu for a panel discussion on ‘How would Buddha lead your company if he was the CEO?’ where Business 360 caught up with him to learn about integrative medicine and his work with Orassy Health.

Konstantin Pavlidis

Founder, Orassy Health

Konstantin Pavlidis is a meta-physicist, science educator, author and international speaker who has worked extensively in the fields of wisdom traditions, scientific research, therapy, traditional medicine, healing and movement arts over the past four decades. He founded Orassy Health about ten years ago in London which offers a range of therapies, classes, courses and cutting-edge integrative medical treatments. Pavlidis integrates the experience of traditional and alternative medicine, scientific research and the art of movement. He is the creator of a number of programmes in the field of self-development, therapy and the performing arts such as Zen Essence Yoga, Movement Mastery, Kinesomasis, Kum Nye Therapy, Quantum Integrative Medicine, Life Blueprint series, Traumatology, Acupuncture and Choreosynthesis. He deals with stress and anxiety, burnout, boosting natural immunity, pain, traumas, post-injury recovery, mental health, Australian homoeopathy – bush/bach flower remedy, chronic fatigue syndrome/ME, fibromyalgia, autoimmune conditions and more. Palvidis was recently in Kathmandu for a panel discussion on ‘How would Buddha lead your company if he was the CEO?’ where Business 360 caught up with him to learn about integrative medicine and his work with Orassy Health. Excerpts:

What is integrative medicine and how is it linked to traditional indigenous wisdom?

Many people in other countries consider integrative medicine to be a part of what they normally do, for example, having different kinds of therapists in one particular clinic or institute. Decades ago in Switzerland, they started the idea of a polyclinic. It means you have a secretary at the front - the reception - a person who would take your profile and according to what your needs are, they would send you to different specialists. So, you have a lot of different specialists in one place but they all worked independently. Then in some places like S-VYASA, Vivekananda’s University just outside of South Bangalore, their approach to integrated medicine is they are integrating traditional medicine such as ayush, ayurveda, yoga, unani medical systems, the city medical system and homoeopathy. My approach is to integrate complementary medicine, so anything that complements allopathy such as physiotherapy and nursing and alternatives like homoeopathy, chiropractice, massage and so forth. Then I take traditional therapies separately and I integrate those three with allopathy which is western medicine, through energy medicine. People often ask if it’s something like Reiki. It’s not. Reiki is bioenergy medicine where you are using your life force as the energy medium. Here, I am talking about using electricity, magnetism, light, sound and Tesla plasma as the major tools for activating the human organism. This basically helps without taking anything internally, we are activating from the external level. So that for me is integrative medicine. I call it CATEMA (Complementary Alternative Traditional Energy Medicine linked with Allopathy). So that is my system. And basically how is it linked with wisdom traditions? I do have another system that integrates all of that with wisdom traditions. That has to do with psychology. I call it ethnogenetic psychology where I have integrated embryology (studying how the embryo grows when you are in the mother’s womb) together with neurobiology and then cognitive science. Then I look at genetics and epigenetics and how that connects with the study of your ethnic background, ethnology and finally wisdom traditions all connected through quantum physics. So, it’s a more complex system.

When and why did you establish Orassy Health?

Orassy Health was founded in 2008. However, the idea for it goes back around three decades. I just never had the time because since 1987 I have spent my time travelling to over 70 countries around the world and I have been researching different medical systems, but more importantly, the different ways in which we learn which is what cognitive science is all about. Orassy means vision in ancient Greek. And it’s offering people the opportunity through insights, visioning to yourself to understand much more what you are rather than who you are. Psychology is very personal and it deals with the personality, character and identity. What we do at Orassy is give people deeper insights about themselves, not as an organism but as an energy and information matrix.

Who avails your services? And is there a general acceptance to integrative medicine from conventional allopathic medicine?

At Orassy, we have a team offering our services. We have an orthopaedic surgeon who I am training in traumatology which is to bring people back from injuries and very quickly speed up the healing or recovery procedure by at least three times using the devices that I spoke about. A clinical psychologist is also working with me. We are training other doctors and nurses in traumatology. Furthermore, I am training our psychologist in the health of the mind. So, we call it mind health, which is beyond just mental health. I also basically give a lot of teachings to people to help them understand themselves at a deeper level regarding their meaning and purpose in life. The integrated medicine that I have presented is based on very tangible, visible, comprehensive, scientific descriptions of what it is that I am dealing with. There are more medical doctors beginning to feel attracted to it. We definitely are aware that younger doctors - especially under the age of 30 - feel they have hit a brick wall when it comes to the conventional approach to allopathic medicine because it separates everything, puts them into boxes basically. You specialise in certain areas and sometimes over-specialise. So, people are looking for a more holistic approach. But there’s a difference; holistic means bringing more different therapies together at the same time to try to offer the person more insight. Integrative is a system that has already evolved into a new system, rather than let’s say, ten different therapies in one centre. This is a new quantum leap into the way in which we see and understand ourselves. What’s the main difference? In the allopathic system, we are taught that the doctor is God. So, we come to the doctor and we hand all our power over to the doctor. Here we take the client whom we don’t call a patient on a journey and we teach them to understand that self-responsibility is the key to getting better. I have a saying for my clients - this is a new approach: self-generation, self-sustaining and self-managing. That is the principle behind integrative medicine. Take charge of yourself, learn to be your own navigator and drive your own car. The doctor is there to guide you and give you driving lessons. But don’t sit back in a lazy way in the backseat and expect someone else to do it all for you. I was brought up understanding that it’s the doctor’s business. However, if you think about the fact that you live in your body 24/7 and you don’t know very much about it, would you consider that to be very efficient and effective? No, you were taught that you have nothing to do with your health. Also worse off, you are taught that health is the absence of illness which means when you are not sick, you are healthy. Now, there’s the difference. I look at health, fitness and wellness. Wellness has to do with your mind being clear and balanced. Health has to do with your heart being open and accepting and being able to speak from a space where you feel comfortable with yourself and other people. Fitness has to do with the physical body and understanding what is going on in your body from the many different levels of your systems meaning your circulatory system in the heart, the water cleansing system of your kidneys, and blood cleansing system of your liver.

Could you tell us about your business model?

My business model years ago until recently was to have the best clinic in the United Kingdom. However, many people have come to me and said the weakness of your model, the Orassy, is that it is a boutique clinic. It’s a boutique system meaning it is a one off and what we need to do is learn to scale. So, I’ve been spending the last five years developing that and I have to say I am grateful to the pandemic because it has forced me to look at completely different ways of how we can make this particular work accessible to the common person and that is what we are doing. We are working on scaling the business so that there will be Orassy clinics around the world and there are different ways of doing it. You can have partnerships where it’s a small clinic but we guide you in terms of the devices that we use, the methodology. Then there is stage two where people buy more devices and we offer them the software. And we integrate what they do with our clinics. So, we are monitoring and guiding them. Also, in terms of the commercialisation of the model, the third level has to do with building an Orassy for someone, which means I do the Feng Shui, I do the balancing of the space, I do many things. It’s a full design, fully operational Orassy model.

How do you make your learning and knowledge accessible and understood by the common person? What are some of the challenges?

The main challenge for me is that people never think about being in their own bodies and taking responsibility for themselves. I say we have three gods – our parents, teachers, and the doctor. But of the three, the doctor is the most powerful because they deal with your health, and then literally your life. So, the challenge is waking people up to the reality that they have to start taking more responsibility for their overall sense of well-being not just to be good but also to feel good from a health or fitness level in the physical body. But the clarity of the mind, the openness of the heart and stability in your centre enable you to be more efficient and effective in all of your daily life activities, and also your aims and objectives throughout your life.

While we have expanded human life span, there is a definite decrease in the quality of life - what are some of the major contributors to this?

Where allopathic medicine is concerned, it is the best system for accidents and emergencies. But it’s not a preventative system, it’s a curative system. You don’t go to the doctor to have a cup of tea; you go there when there’s something wrong. That is called a symptom and the doctor asks what are your symptoms, why have you come to visit then you say, I have back pain, digestive problems, something wrong with my skin and more. So, because it is an illness-based system, by necessity we need to have a symptom, then we can define the condition, then we can put it into a box and say now I know what’s wrong. Try this as a solution. This medication, this ointment, this treatment or at worst, surgery. In terms of those aspects, the human lifespan has obviously increased enormously whereas, in the past, we would get a disease if we had no vaccines for them. We would die of what today would be considered not very fatal issues but they were not dealt with very easily or efficiently and effectively 50-60 years ago. Since the Second World War, huge advancements have been made. The decrease in the quality of life though and the major contribution is that we have a lot more interference from the external environment informing us of many layers of pollution. And I class, not just physical pollution of the air and the water but also the preservatives in food and artificial flavours. Also, electromagnetic frequencies, radio waves, and I class social media as quite a contributor, a statistically significant contributor to the lowering of quality of life because people have become addicts to the necessity of posting something that’s happening in their daily life many times a day, and we never had this facility in the past, it has become a mechanism that takes over. From what I see, common sense and our ability to actually stay connected with daily life and speaking to people in a real person-to-person and what I call energy transmission manner is diminished. Because you can have people that you connect with in other parts of the world, you have never met them, you have thousands of followers because they like what you have posted and this has become a psycho mental and emotional contributor to making people that much more disconnected with reality.

Do you feel there is integrity and ethics in the current medical practice in general globally?

The current medical practice, as I mentioned, is an illness-based system and not a wellness-based system. So how much integrity is there in such a system is difficult to comment on. As I said, if I had a car accident and broke 30 bones, I would not go to any alternative or traditional medical practitioner, because that’s not what they do, they don’t fix broken bones and put rods in your leg bones and your arm bones. So, in that respect, the accident and emergency element is the most advanced and it is definitely very much ahead of anything that complementary alternative or traditional medicines can offer us. But we also are aware of the ethics behind the pharmaceutical companies pushing the usage of so-called medicines which we know there is not one pharmaceutical preparation that doesn’t have some kind of side effect. Because the body knows it’s not natural. And so, what they do, and this is where I feel is a missing point or lack in the approach of the allopathic Western medical system that they take for granted, they see the body as a machine and they don’t look at the fact that the cells have their own intelligence and they know that something that’s been introduced is there to just force a reaction, and that it’s not happening in a natural manner. And that’s why it can’t sustain itself and it will repeat in another way in another form and another time. So therefore, we haven’t really looked at the cause to effect, we just looked at reacting to the effect in a temporary manner.

What do you mean when you talk about corporate spiritual responsibility?

We were introduced into the system around 20, maybe 25 years ago, corporate social responsibility which means to look at the impact the activities of corporations have on society that includes the environment, and the abuse of people for cheap labour, and also the interruption of the ecosystem and the economic and financial systems. Corporate spiritual responsibility is targeting CEOs of companies to bring to their awareness what their true responsibility is on multiple levels and layers regarding the impact of that particular company or corporation on the environment, on human beings individually, on the financial system, the economic system, the socio-political system, which means that those people are leaders in society. Who else do we turn to, who else can we trust and who else can we speak to to try to make changes that are sustainable because the way things have been going for the last 50-60 years, we are not sustainable. We are overusing resources, we are leaching the soil of minerals. So much of the soil that was offering minerals to foods that we used to eat is no longer holding that level of mineral content, and basically nutrients. There’s a big project that’s going on now by Sadhguru to save the soil. I agree with that. But there’s another level, which is far, far more complex and that is the presence of plastics in our environment. Every human being has the equivalent of four credit cards worth of plastics in their organs. We have absorbed this through the water we drink, from plastics in the air, from the environment by drinking liquids from such containers, and worse, the seafood that we eat. There is the equivalent to the entire continent of the Antarctic of plastics floating in the ocean. So, I am collaborating with one person who is head of this project. He’s Portuguese, and it’s the blue oceans project. And I would like to raise people’s awareness to the necessity of dealing with plastics by somehow both mechanically and chemically extracting that from the system like detoxing the oceans and the air of plastics, because they are very dangerous to our overall health.

How do you view the current global pandemic - Covid 19? Was it what it was made out to be?

There are many question marks from my perspective regarding the global pandemic, especially since when people who have asked for samples of the Covid 19 virus that has caused this global pandemic, nobody has given answers to the biomedical researchers when they did do research on the existing samples and they found influenza A and influenza B but not a different type of spiked protein based Covid 19 virus. Therefore, if we have so called vaccines, traditionally and conventionally, when we are looking to make a vaccine for some kind of microorganism acting as a disease causing organism, we need a sample of the actual organism before we can make a vaccine. And if we have not had a clear example of the actual virus, how can we make a vaccine. It is very interesting that the contents of these vaccines have ingredients that don’t seem to have anything to do with the Covid 19 such as glycols, phenols, spike proteins and mRNA which in fact were developed as an anti-cancer adjuvant or addition to a particular medical preparation. So, I would say there are a lot of holes in the system, especially locking entire countries down in over 180-200 countries over the last two years, wearing masks when we know they cannot block out viruses because they are too small. And they are causing us to rebreathe toxic fumes from our own exhalation which is carbon dioxide. And yes, there are many question marks for me because as a scientist, the one most important thing we need to look at is the evidence. And when they don’t support the evidence then it doesn’t support the extreme reactions and measures that have been taken, especially in certain countries where if you don’t have a mask on, like I have read in the Philippines, police came in and shoot people in the head. This is insanity. And in Australia, where I come from, police are grabbing young children from the throat and lifting them and forcing them to go into police headquarters. Very true, we have seen films of it, and the child is forced, they are forced to have a vaccine against their will, and we are talking about six- to eight-year-olds. That child is going to be traumatised the rest of their life, and they don’t give a damn. So, what I have seen as a result of the so-called pandemic is very inhumane activities and reactions, which I don’t think we have seen since the madness of the second World War.

How important is it for a person to gain spiritual insight? For most people this remains a grey area…

Most people consider anything that’s not physical, spiritual. But I disagree completely because the spirit is a part of us that is not corrupted. It is incorruptible, it is a drop of the eternal that connects us back to our original existence, our original time of coming into existence. So, when we talk about something that’s not physical, I call it metaphysical. What is the purpose of that, we need to see that we are a multi-level, multi-layered being that exists in other dimensions as well. In the past, before Stephen Hawking spoke about the 10 to the power 500 possible different universes, of which means 10 times 10 times 10 times, 500 times, we now call it a multiverse. And when we talk about our quantum nature and reality, our quantum self, there’s an indication immediately that we live on other planes and dimensions, not only the 3D world, so if a person is not aware of those other aspects of themselves, then they have a very limited perspective in exactly the same way I spoke earlier regarding your understanding of health. The only thing we seem to be looking for is that which makes us comfortable, which means any kind of challenge is rejected because it’s not something that I feel is worthy of investing in and that is why people lack solidity, groundedness and integrity today. Because if you want to make progress, you have to invest time, energy, effort, money and conscious awareness.

You are also entering into a product line - could you share more about this?

I have been making revenue remedies for over 35 years. And I have begun with the first of which is the dissolving strip. An instantly dissolving strip you place on your tongue. The reason for this is that any product that we take into our mouth goes by necessity through the digestive tract which means that we will lose between 80% and 90% of that product in waste. Only about 10% goes into the bloodstream. And of that 10% only about 10%, if we are lucky, will enter into ourselves. That’s where we need the product, the food or the supplement, or in this case, it’s a nutraceutical, which means food is medicine. So, the strip is placed on the tongue, you rub it at the roof of the mouth, it melts between 10 and 20 seconds straight into your bloodstream and you lose none of it. Because it can only take this micro dosing of around 200 milligrams, you can spray any type of preparation onto it and that will enter into the bloodstream and there is no wastage, it is very quick absorption. And it is also recognised by the cells because of the type of molecule. It’s like having a passport; you know if you don’t have a passport you can’t enter. So, this is the main idea. Also using CBD oils, cannabinoid oils, cannabis canning cannabinoid oils, oils that are extracted from hemp seeds. And usually, they’re not allowed in certain countries because they have terpenes. Terpene is an ingredient that basically contributes to hallucination. These ones that I have been commissioned to make are at zero terpenes. So that is not an issue. And there is a possibility that I have come to Nepal on the recommendation of a colleague of mine from London who is Nepali to make an offer to try to produce my existing products in this country.

What are three things that you absolutely do to grow as a person and a professional?

Well, I do my practice every single day, in terms of meditation and breathing and stretching and strengthening, and I do my Chi exercises. I try to keep myself mentally, emotionally, physically, energetically and consciously aware. And I take responsibility for my existence. So when I am with people, I share from a space of genuineness, authenticity, from a space of sincerity and honesty, and all of this is to offer an original quality to the exchanges that I have with people on a day-to-day basis, quality of life, not the quantity of life. READ ALSO:
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