Trekking service providing platform 'Jewel Trek' launched

Trekking service providing platform ‘Jewel Trek’ launched

Assabet Technologies, a software development firm, today launched Jewel Trek — a comprehensive platform for trekking enthusiasts and service providers.

KATHMANDU: Assabet Technologies, a software development firm, today launched Jewel Trek — a comprehensive platform for trekking enthusiasts and service providers. Jewel Trek provides detailed information on treks, allows for matching with trek specialists, provides additional support services, allows payment and booking, and enables communication between travellers and experts. Mira Dhakal, Director of People Operations of Assabet Technologies, welcomed guests to the launch event and presented the company's innovative product. She introduced Jewel Trek as a unique platform that will revolutionise the trekking experience in Nepal. David Vesey, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at ESR Tech, discussed the current state of trekking in Nepal. He highlighted the problems that travellers face, such as the lack of communication and knowledge shared between travellers and guides before the trek starts and the unavailability of reliable trekking websites. Further, he explained how Jewel Trek solves these issues, offering detailed information on treks, the ability to choose a trekking specialist, an easy-to-use interface, and customisable additional services. The software empowers trek specialists by allowing them to set their own rates and availability and bringing them into the process from the very start. During the Q&A session, David answered questions about the distinguishing features of Jewel Trek in comparison to preexisting online platforms. He discussed his approach to gathering information about the trekking experience at a local level and payment variations that might exist during trekking and how the platform incorporates local service providers to customise services for trekkers. Tanka Prasad Duwadi, Executive Member of the Tourist Guide Association of Nepal, shared his experience in the Tourism industry. He explained how Jewel Trek could help expose remote trekking destinations in Nepal and promote tourism. He also provided insightful feedback for Jewel Trek. Jinesh Sindurakar, Chief Administrative Officer of the Nepal Mountaineering Association, spoke about the history of trekking in Nepal and how Jewel Trek could help change marketing strategies to make Nepal a favourite tourist destination in the world. Maniraj Lamichhane, Director of the Nepal Tourism Board, discussed Jewel Trek's potential as a better option for quality tour operators in Nepal. He emphasized the importance of security for trekkers and how an experienced and licensed trek guide from an authorised trekking company can help ensure their safety and ease their trekking experience. Siddhant Raj Pandey, Chairman of BO2, and an investor in Assabet Technologies thanked the Jewel Trek team and spoke about the potential of the platform to represent Nepal globally. David Vesey also thanked everyone for their support, praised his development team, and discussed the future of Jewel Trek. The Jewel Trek app will be available soon on Play Store and App Store. The Jewel Trek website is live and accessible from any browser. READ ALSO:

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