Samit Singh

Samit Singh is Marketing Manager at IME Motors and IME Automotives. He graduated from the University of Bolton with Bsc (Hons) in Business Administration. Singh has also worked as a Marketing Manager at VG Automobiles and as Senior Marketing Manager at Welcome Advertising and Marketing. Here he shares five things that have impacted his life and work:

  • A childhood friend inspired me to choose the marketing field. He had been struggling with his financial conditions but the way he worked hard motivated me to pursue my career in marketing.
  • In 2003, I was selected to participate in the International Children’s Games. I received the opportunity to visit Taipei, Taiwan, Thailand, India to represent Nepal, it was a very proud moment.
  • My wonderful girlfriend who is now my wife. There is a saying ‘behind every successful man there is a woman’… for me, it’s my wife. Her love pushes me to do better every day.
  • Thanks to my Mom I got this wonderful opportunity to travel to the UK to pursue my BSc honors degree. There I got to meet amazing people who pushed me to do better in life.
  • Joining IME led me to unleash my creativity as a Corporate Marketing Manager. Here I learnt and am still learning about effort, hard work and efficiency which leads a person to achieve greatness. I am forever grateful to the wonderful team who supports me here.
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