Shasta Rana Shah
Director, Fit Stop & Happy Mamas

Your drive
2015 Range Rover Evoque

October 2014

The most striking feature
It’s a compact Range Rover! Perfect for the roads of Kathmandu – high clearance for all the bumps and compact for all “gallis”. Moreover, it does not compromise on safety. At the same time, it marries the comfort of a sedan, torque of a sports car, and a Meridian music system that plays my favourites. Also, it is a full option vehicle that has multimedia system which means that I can listen to my songs while I drive while my children can watch different movies at the same time – best for long drives to Pokhara that I do once in a while.

Your earlier car
Volkswagen Beetle

Reason you upgraded to the current one
I loved my VW Beetle as I felt it reflected my personality. I upgraded because the clearance of my car was too low and the streets in Kathmandu started to become worryingly bumpy. I had the Beetle for a few years and wanted to change into something more comfortable.

Personality traits you share with your car…
Compact and elegant, yet very fast and strong.

Next on your wish list
I am eyeing a Mercedes, but haven’t been able to decide on a model.

One song on repeat mode while driving

If you were on the passenger seat, who would you trust your life with in the driver’s seat?
No one

A vintage car that you’d want…
I am not a fan of vintage cars.

Suggestion to the Kathmandu Metropolitan City office on transportation
I think we should start the even and odd number plate system again. The traffic in Kathmandu has become unbearable.

An existing vehicle law that you would want to amend
Cars are just too expensive here. I think we should have a provision, just like Singapore, to reuse the 300% tax we pay for vehicles such as “Vehicle Ownership License” if we stop using the older vehicles. This would help keep newer cars on the road and ban older vehicles.

Review overview

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