Shuvayatra offers reward system for taking online courses

The Shuvayatra App unveiled a new rewards feature in its course platform on April 18 to cater to Nepali labour migrants. The app consists of a variety of features to help migrants make informed decisions before, during and after their migration cycle. Along with text and multimedia content, the Shuvayatra app has a mobile course section called “Sunaulo Kakshya” that provides interactive modules for self-study.

Currently the platform offers more than a dozen short courses covering foreign languages, financial literacy and other employment and migration related topics. The app has partnered with Khalti, a digital wallet and online payment service in Nepal, to allow users to earn rewards worth Rs 50 or more for completing these courses. If a user passes the final quiz, they receive a certificate and monetary coupons that they can redeem through the Khalti app. This can be spent on a range of services like mobile top-ups, utility bills, Tootle rides and others. The balance can also be sent to other users or spent at select shops without requiring a bank account or credit card.

“This is the first digital education platform in Nepal which has used a sponsorship model to reward users for taking courses,” said Meghan Nalbo, Country Representative at The Asia Foundation, Nepal.
When a person completes a course that has a reward on offer, he or she can redeem the reward by entering a valid Nepali mobile phone number. Those who are overseas can enter the phone number of a friend or relative in Nepal. To continue the sponsorship of the courses, the app has been securing partnerships with top notch financial institutions in Nepal including Himalayan Bank Limited.

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