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SJ MOTO inaugurated

Saurabh Jyoti, Director of Syakar Trading Company, established SJ Moto to provide a unique experience to motorbike enthusiasts. SJ Moto, launched on February 12, showcases superbikes and motorbike masterpieces. Motorbike enthusiasts can admire the machines and drink coffee and taste Nepali cuisine in the cafe located within the gallery.

Established as Nepal’s first Motorbike Gallery and Café, SJ Moto also has a retail outlet where customers can buy brand new and reconditioned superbikes along with official merchandise and clothes of various brands including Marvel and DC.

Delighted that his hobby has turned into a reality, Jyoti commented, “Since 25 years, I have been collecting and investing in the latest technology motorbikes and historic motorbikes related to Nepal’s history. You may have a story and a hobby just like me. For motorbike enthusiasts like you, we have launched SJ Moto.”

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