So much is happening in the country

So much is happening in the country. The PM visited India, new political parties have been formed, there has been a shift in leadership of a leading political party, new businesses are being announced, Nepal will take on Presidency of the SAARC Chamber of Commerce & Industry, programs like Inspire Nepal 2016 are being held, product launches are happening all the time as are talks and debates, fuel supply lines are shorter. It feels that perhaps things are going back on track. As it should. There is no alternative to moving forward and aiming for progress.

However, have we always made the right choices.
Perhaps not.
Could we have done faster and better.
Definitely yes.

But why are we always deterred from doing better, achieving more, acting on time. Perhaps it is in our culture of not taking the lead. I have yet to meet people in positions of leadership and authority who take risks, walk that extra mile, have big vision and are unafraid to make mistakes and bear the consequences. We seemingly like to play it safe under the guise of inclusion, fair representation, decision procrastination, protocol, etc.

To such people, I ask  do you truly believe in yourself what is your most relevant accomplishment how do you measure success are you serving your purpose.

In real leadership you must learn to detach yourself from all conditioning, fear and ego. You must learn to act on your values and your morals. You must know when to step in and when to step aside. You must understand the goal completely and not negotiate with mediocrity. Many people are today caught up with speed, money, over-committing, often forgetting that integrity is the cornerstone of your leadership. Integrity is the leadership gap between excellence and mediocrity. It is non-negotiable and in real leadership it is what sets you apart.

As citizens we are losing sight of the fact that there is a price to pay when we allow mediocre leaders to stay in their roles. Perhaps it is time to step up and embrace leadership accountability. Time to question – as a nation – do we choose mediocrity or do we choose growth?

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