Subaru Crosstrek XV: Best of Both Worlds

If you want a dual-purpose compact SUV which offers a smooth ride in city and is a trusted companion off-road, look no further than Subaru Crosstrek XV. It easily takes whatever you throw at it, whether it be asphalt or the rugged terrains, no job is too hard for Crosstrek XV.

Crosstrek XV is a sporty-looking SUV with great aesthetics. The front grille with Subaru logo strongly accentuates the brand and also offers a bold stance to the vehicle. The overall design feels a bit low-slung and more aerodynamic. The vehicle looks sportier with its 17-inch aluminium wheels. The rear bumper, the spoiler and the roof rails all add to the look of Crosstrek XV, making it look suitable for both city streets and off-roads. It has a high ground clearance of 220 mm, making it appropriate for challenging off-road drives.

The SUV is equally stylish on the inside. The seat covers come with leather or fabric options, and the steering wheel and the gear knobs are leather moulded. There is a smart sliding centre armrest and angle adjustable headrests for better comfort. The interiors look very spacious despite the compact size of the SUV. All the variants of Crosstrek XV come with anti dust air-conditioners. The entertainment system consists of two LCD screens, one of which is touchscreen enabled. There is a 6-speaker music system that allows connection from iPod or other portable music players.

The Crosstrek XV is powered by a 2.0 litre DOHC Boxer engine that delivers a maximum output of 110 KW at 6,200 rpm and a peak torque of 196 Nm at 4,200 rpm. For those unaware of Boxer engine, it is a type of engine owned by only two companies in the world, one being Subaru and the other is Porsche. The benefit of Boxer engine over other engines is that it has horizontally-opposed pistons, like the movement of a boxer‘s fist that offers better efficiency than regular engines. The engine places the pistons 180 degrees apart for a lower profile, and gives a lower centre of gravity along with more balanced weight distribution. Combined with  Subaru‘s Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive, the engine delivers a safer, more stable platform that result in better balance and better control. The engine is mated to a 6-speed transmission and is available in both automatic and manual variants.

With its world class safety features, Crosstrek XV is without a doubt one of the safest cars around. The SUV has received 5-star Euro NCAP rating which is the highest possible for a vehicle. The frame of the vehicle is made of high-tensile steel that‘s strong and rigid. The SUV features a cabin-protecting layout that allows the engine and gearbox to go under the frame and avoid crashing into the cabin in case of a frontal collision. There are height-adjustable seat belts with pre-tensioners for holding passengers firmly in case of a collision. All the models come with 7-airbags, which include front, front-side, curtain and knee airbags. Add to it independent brakes on all wheels, ABS and EBD; you get a vehicle that doesn‘t compromised the safety of passengers in any situation.

According to Rabindra Raut, General Manager at Vijay Motors, Crosstrek XV was launched in 2014 and has sold over 30 units till date here. “It‘s a multi-purpose compact SUV that takes all the challenges on and off-road, that‘s why our customers have loved the vehicle,” says Raut. According to him, Crosstrek XV is also one of the most fuel efficient SUVs available in the market, giving a mileage of 12 kmpl in city and 16 kmpl on the highways.

The price of Subaru Crosstrek XV ranges from Rs 9,200,000 to 10,000,000 depending upon the variant. This festive season, the company is offering a discount of Rs 400,000 to 600,000. Get your hands on Crosstrek XV and gear up for a brand new adventure.

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