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Subaru Forester 2.0I-S: Just Perfect!

Text by Avant Shrestha

Subaru’s 2019 Forester 2.0i-S is a vehicle with an entirely different appeal. From the exterior design to the interior comfort along with an excellent driving experience and plethora of safety and drive assistance features, the Forester is one dynamic package. The Forester 2.0i-S ticks all the boxes that is required in a premium luxury vehicle and delivers in all the areas that a potential buyer would like in an SUV. It possesses a rugged capability along with comfort and technology at a good value compared to other vehicles in its segment. Additionally, Subaru’s All Wheel Drive has become a standard for all its vehicles.

In Western markets however, the Subaru brand is traditionally popular among a dedicated group of buyers. Marketing is targeted towards this specific niche centered on those who desire the company’s signature drive train engine, all-wheel/rough-road capabilities or affordable SUV car markets.

The Forester is definitely one of these vehicles that has a personality. According to North American standards, its styling suggests that the Foresters will be at home in the mountains with a superior higher ground clearance of 220 mm, various driving modes to ensure that the Forester is ready for all road conditions, comfortable cabin rooms, ample storage space and a host of technologies that assist and provide optimum comfort for the driver and the passengers.


For starters, the Forester 2.0i-S looks robust in all the right areas. Its rugged components passed down from its predecessor combined with modern upright style to appease the modern market give the vehicle its unique personality. The overall dimension of the vehicle is 4625 mm in length, 1815 mm in width and 1730 mm in height giving it an imposing build on the road. 

The LED headlamps on the front and the LED rear combination lamps at the back demand attention; apart from just being eye catching, it ensures good visibility around crucial turns at night. 


What catches the eye is the layout, finish and the space. The interior shapes are lined with hard plastic in interesting colour combination. The interior design is done right with ample amount of leg room and head space for both front and back seats. Complementing the spacious cabin, the doors have wide opening that allows easy access as well. 

Forester provides infotainment features that everyone can appreciate. The multifunctional and meter display are attractive and easy to glance at as the car is being driven. This is an important feature which is able to increase visibility and security whilst driving. The vehicle is equipped with 8 inch touchscreen display that is user friendly and easy to navigate. Additionally, the Subaru Forester features two USB ports, Bluetooth, a four-speaker sound system, satellite radio and HD Radio, and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone integration.

Observing the boot space, the Forester has 35 cubic feet of space in the boot which is roughly 1000 liters of cargo space. And it can be increased by folding the rear seats to 76 cubic feet which is about 2000 liters of additional space which would be ideal while taking the family out for a trip outside the city or shopping for the entire household. 

The Drive

The total displacement of the 2.0i-S stands at 2000 cc with maximum power of 146bhp and maximum torque of 235 Nm. Critics claim that there is not much to dislike about the model, except for the vehicle’s lackluster acceleration. However, given multiple road tropes,a slightly slower acceleration should not and will not hold the Forester back. The steering, handling and braking feel relatively smooth, comfortable and very respectable being able to change direction with speed and confidence.
While the inner states are well padded and have good bolstering and lumbar support, the suspension is great. It levels out the city’s famous potholes by giving the driver and the passenger a seamless experience. X-Mode drive setting includes trail capability and hill descent control for better traction on various terrains.

Apart from the drive quality, the Forester is equipped with 63-liter fuel tank and has surprisingly impressive fuel mileage for an SUV. Overall, the Forester feels very comfortable, gliding over both smooth surfaces and rough patches on the road. 

Safety Features

Subaru is one company that gives extra emphasis on safety and the Forester 2.0i-S is no different. A rearview camera has become a standard in every automobile today and Forester is obliged with the same standards. Additionally, it consists of the Eyesight Driver-Assist technology features. Eyesight includes a pre-collision braking system, lane keep assist, lane departure warning, and adaptive cruise control. Additional safety features are available, including blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic alert, lane change assist, reverse automatic braking, adaptive headlights, and Subaru’s new Driver Focus Distraction Mitigation system, which monitors drivers for signs of negligence.


We have already established that Subaru may not be for everyone; but it is definitely for the select few who opt to choose a superior vehicle or purchase it for the right reason. The 2019 Subaru Forester ranked third in compact SUVs and the winner of 2019 best compact SUV for families. Once you take the forester out for a spin, you can tell why it deserves these accolades. This is indeed a quality premium car. The ride is smooth and the vehicle comes with all the necessary features with premium materials used throughout the cabin. It’s ideal for an urban lifestyle but equally so for an outdoor and offroad experience. You can take Forester 2.0i-S home at Rs.1 Crore 34 Lakhs. But remember that the price does come with some big advantages. Prospective buyers can take the Forester out for a spin from Vijay Motors, the sole authorised dealer of Subaru Automobiles in Nepal, or even better – purchase it.

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