Sujal Foods mounts advertising campaign for Fresho Candy

KATHMANDU: Sujal Foods, the leading confectionery company in Nepal, has launched an advertising campaign for ‘Fresho Candy’ with the slogan ‘Fresho Breath’.

The advertising campaign with the slogan “Fresho Breath” is synonymous with Fresh Breath. The campaign has been started with the message that Fresho Candy is capable of providing refreshing fresh breath to the consumers, and it also increases self-confidence.

Fresho Breath depicts the fun and refreshing moments among teenagers. Teenagers are playful and jolly by nature. Fresho Breath portrays the beautiful romantic moment among the current consumers. It exhibits the moment where the teenage boys get attracted to teenage girls and complete the moment with Fresho Breath.

Aiming at teenagers and youth, the advertisement message has been spread across the country through various media platforms like digital boards, social sites, movie theatres and other publishing platforms.

Fresho candy holds the dominant market share in Nepal’s mint candy industry. The menthalypthus mint flavoured refreshing candy helps purify the breath and quickly freshen up mouth by delivering an intense sensation of freshness and cooling experience, and boosts self-confidence. The smooth texture and long-lasting mint flavour are refreshing.

Fresho Candy is one of the popular productions of Sujal Foods, an ISO 22000:2018 certified subsidiary company of Laxmi Group, which has been in operation for the last 48 years. Fresho candy is produced by qualified confectioners with state-of-the-art technologies following strict hygienic regulations and health standards. The company owns the most iconic confectionery brands of Nepal — Fresho, Chocofun, Rasilo, Crave among others — in its portfolio that has been a favourite of millions for many years.

Sujal Foods hopes that Fresho Breath campaign will successfully win the heart of the consumers and become a part of their lives for refreshing fresh breath and building up self-confidence.



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