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Synthesis Art Exhibition 2018

Synthesis Art Exhibition 2018 was the second edition of Tilicho Kala’s yearly effort to support the arts and provide more exposure to Nepali artists. The company was founded four years ago, aiming to present a platform and promote Nepali Art and provide a platform for young talent. The exhibition was supported by Yeti Distillery, the producer of Old Durbar blended whisky.

The exhibition at Siddhartha Art Gallery displayed traditional Paubha paintings and sculptures on the ground floor and contemporary oil paintings and digital manipulation on the first floor. Skillfully painted deities by renowned Paubha painters Lok Chitrakar, Prem M Chitrakar, Samundra M S Shrestha, and Kichaa M Chitrakar were on display along with sculptures by Pratham R Bajracharya, Punya R Bajracharya, Sapta R Bajracharya, Amir Shakya and Pradip Shakya. Also featured were works that experimented with different styles by contemporary artists Rashana Bajracharya, Erina Tamrakar and Michelle LL, and photographers Yanik Shrestha, Samir Maharjan and Aakash Pradhan.

The four-day exhibition which started from 2 May at Babarmahal Revisited, Kathmandu came to a close on 5 May with performances by poetry group Word Warriors and musical bands: Unplugged Aawaj and The Night Band.

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