Taplejung farmers busy harvesting black cardamom

File – This photo shows locals picking black cardamom in Taplejung district in October 2017. Photo: Rajendra Adhikari/Facebook

TAPLEJUNG: Farmers in Taplejung are now busy harvesting black cardamom. With the festive season coming to an end, they are hell-bent on picking, peeling and basking in black cardamom.

The season beginning from mid-September to mid-December is a prime time for harvesting cardamom.

Gyan Bahadur Gurung, a cardamom farmer from Thechambu in Pathivara Yangwarak Rural Municipality-1 said the farmers have stepped up their preparation to pick and harvest cardamom due to the possible menace of wildlife.

He said they did not conveniently celebrate the grand festivals such as Dashain and Tihar due to cardamom season.

Farmers had to spend their time on cardamom farms even during festivals as it was the main season for harvesting, said Basanta Limbu, a farmer from Madibung in Phaktanglung Rural Municipality-6.

Likewise, Khongdu Sherpa, a farmer from Bihibare in Phungling Municipality-6, said they were entirely busy picking, peeling and basking cardamom during Tihar festival.

The farmers have devoted their effort to the timely harvest of cardamom yields as there is a rising fear of wildlife rampage, he added.

It is high time for entire cardamom farmers across the district to harvest their yields. There is massive cardamom farming in 60 wards of all nine local level units in the district.

Black Cardamom has been cultivated in around 4,450 hectares of land in the district.



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