By Rebati Adhikari

The owner of a motor vehicle can modify the structure, look of the vehicle after the Transport Management office gives approval but only if the nature of change matches with the guidelines specified by the manufacturing company of the vehicle – states Article 39 of Motor Vehicles Act of Nepal.

Raajib Sayami, Founder of RS Moto however transforms the machines he touches. Sayami is a bike customizer and redesigner. He breathes life into old and classic motorbikes. He believes that the modification should be far better than the original. The government may have reservations on modification of bikes on safety grounds, he says, but in the right hands customisation becomes a stroll in the park. He assures that if the person knows what he is doing, there is no space for risk. He elaborates that design and customization is a science and modification requires great attention to detail.

Sayami is an ardent biker himself, riding since he was an 11 year old. He is an autodidact in redesigning. The first bike he ever recreated was a 1995 350cc Royal Enfield. “My father was a lover of Japanese bikes while I was fond of British. I couldn’t find any British bike so I had to settle for the Royal Enfield,” he recalls. Further, its unreliability taught him the art of remodeling. “Enfield was a laidback cruiser in those days. It wasn’t as trustworthy as it is today. I started riding with a toolbox in tow and would end the bike anywhere when required.”

Speed has been central to his bike modification. He has so far remodeled nine bikes. Each takes him approximately three months to complete. He buys spare parts that he can’t make himself online. Currently he is on a self declared hiatus pondering over his next project. He is planning to build something from ground up. “I feel I am still learning. I have not been able to make the kind of bike I want to as yet,” he divulges.

RS MoTO is a unique concept café that merges his love for motorcycles, music and food, a venture he opened in 2012.

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