“There is no mainstream career as such today. The world is a global village. It is our duty to expose our students to all career options and specializations possible”

Victor Joseph is the Principal of Delhi Public School, Biratnagar. Prior to this, he has worked as a Deputy General Manager (DGM) in the Department of Sales and Marketing at Jagadamba Cement Industries. He was also former General Manager of Downtown Housing and Chief of Marketing with KL Dugar Group.

With a mostly commercial background, Victor Joseph switched to a field that was his original passion as he was a educationist before entering the corporate world.
DPS Biratnagar is striving to become a centre of academic excellence with a focus on all-round development of its students. Recently he was recognized with the Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Most Outstanding Principal among 300 international CBSE schools besides the school receiving various awards and honours.

B360 caught up with Victor Joseph to talk about the business of education and his thoughts on the current education system. Excerpts:

Today the education sector has become one of the most lucrative businesses. Is it correct to use education and profit in the same sentence?

Everybody does business for profit. But there is difference between other businesses and education. Health and education are two businesses that you can’t compare with products because they are an integral function of society and a necessity. We are creating global citizens through our education, not manufacturing products.

The infrastructure of our school is one of the best in Nepal, which is spread across 8-9 hectares of land. It has world-class facilities whether it’s the tennis court or football field or in music and dance. Our quality is at par with international standards. A majority of our teachers are trained educators. When you are trained to educate, the quality of education becomes different. We follow the principles of ASK in public schools which stands for attitude and aptitude, skills and knowledge.

What makes DPS different from the plethora of schools in the country?

We believe in holistic development. Certificate is important but along with that a student should be well prepared for the outside world.

How do you guide your student career?

There is no mainstream career as such today. The world is a global village. It is our duty to expose our students to all career options and specializations possible.

It is now being said that rather than going to school for 14 to 15 years it is more productive to enroll in vocational training. Your thoughts…

South Asian society is not yet ready to accept the fact that academic education and vocational training can go parallel. A strong base of all subjects is necessary. If you don’t want your child to study mathematics right from the childhood, it’s going to be a disaster. Basic education is important. After that, a child is better prepared to decide his/her area of specialisation.

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