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“Treat people with kindness. Teamwork is the prominent factor that keeps business in the run for a long haul. You have to be kind to your team members, colleagues and most importantly, the employees”

The Co-founder of Jump Ktm Indoor Trampoline Park, Jigme Sherpa is a business graduate of Baruch College, New York. On returning to Nepal, he started work as an administration officer in a hydropower company, simultaneously engaged with his parent’s real estate business and their NGO. But the pull to create his own venture proved stronger and he established Jump Ktm in February 2021. Sherpa also co-owns The Old House Restaurant at Durbar Marg.

The idea for Jump Ktm was formulated on one of his visits to Thailand, and it immediately struck a chord as he was aware that there was a huge gap for family entertainment in Nepal, especially something that was refreshing, energetic and fun for kids and youngsters alike. But it’s not a place just for youngsters and that is obvious when you visit the place and view people of all ages having fun at Jump Ktm.

On weekdays, Jump Ktm has an average of a hundred visitors and on weekends it caters to 400 people. With the immediate popularity it has gained in such a short time, Jump Ktm is already planning to expand into two more places inside the Valley, and in the next year have branches in Pokhara and Butwal.

In this edition of Business 360, Jigme Sherpa talks about his favorite brands and business lessons he has imbibed from them.

3 Brands/people/campaigns that you have learnt something from

Steve Jobs: He brought Apple to new heights of success. In his commencement speech at Stanford University, Steve Jobs had said “Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish” and I keep replaying it in my mind. It basically means never to be satisfied with what you have and always try to push forward. We have to take risks and learn from our mistakes. That’s how I moved into the business of entertainment. Jump Ktm being a new business model in Nepal, even my family was uncertain if it would bring the expected results. However, I stood by my decision.

Denzel Washington: He is one of the finest actors in Hollywood. His quote “Dreams without goals are just a dream” really motivates me. Everybody has dreams but not everyone’s dreams get fulfilled. You have to set goals to accomplish the dream. I start with small goals and push myself forward towards my dream by achieving those small ones first.

Nike: I was always fascinated with Nike. Nike has been my go-to brand ever since my childhood. Nike inspires me by its innovations and adaptation to the new markets. It has recently collaborated with Cole Haan bringing comfort into formal shoes which I wear a lot.

Your work philosophy

Treat people with kindness. Teamwork is the prominent factor that keeps business in the run for a long haul. You have to be kind to your team members, colleagues and most importantly, the employees. Employees are the backbone of a company which is why we have to be kind and generous to their contribution.

Top 3 apps you use the most

• WhatsApp and Viber
• eSewa
• Alibaba

3 destinations within Nepal you want to travel to

Upper Mustang: I want to go on a ride to the whole circuit of Upper Mustang and Manang. I want to visit Upper Mustang especially for horse riding.
Gokyo: My friends were there last year and the place seems mesmerising, especially the lake.
Dolpa: Dolpa being a historical place, I want to explore more of Tibetan culture in this region.

A woman-run business you think deserve accolades

Vision Craft: Led by Yanchen Dolkar, Vision Craft is an online store of sunglasses and shades that has recently been introduced in Nepal. She has brought amazing sets of fashionable shades targeting the young energetic people of Nepal.

Entrepeneurs who inspire you constantly

Elon Musk: In 2018, when Tesla was on the verge of bankruptcy, most of the board members were planning to opt out to file bankruptcy. However, Elon Musk did not give up on his company and invested his last money to rebuild the company. He inspires me to believe in my dream and stay strong even in the worst phase of my life.

Jeff Bezos: I was always curious to know how Amazon has been capable of managing its large scale business. In this quest, I watched a documentary that featured the shipping process of Amazon. I came to know that Amazon has thousands of mini robots placed inside its warehouses. Once we place the orders, the robots take the orders, pick them and deliver by themselves. Jeff Bezos always comes up with new ideas and technologies to increase the efficiency of his service. I am always fascinated by innovative ideas which is why he inspires me with his efficient management skills.

A non-profit organisation you want to donate to

I would like to donate to my parent’s NGO, Cunina. My dad has put a lot of effort into building this NGO. They started with sponsoring one student, and to this date the NGO sponsors 1500 students for their education. They have also built schools, clinics and hospitals. I want to contribute to this organisation so that it can sustain its good efforts for the long term.

The best work advice you have received so far

My parents always taught me that kindness is the key to happiness. My mother always says that we need to make others happy for us to be happy. My parents advise me to create a positive and happy environment in my company.

3 Nepali startups you think deserve the spotlight

• Tootle
• Zaap
• Vision Craft

2 Nepali companies whose PR strategies are spot-on

Ncell: It has been a few years that companies of Nepal have started taking marketing as a valuable part of business. You see Ncell wherever you go. They are on commercials, social media and in the malls.
Chaudhary Group: CG has taken over almost every sector of Nepal. It has its stakes in finance, education, consumer goods, real estate, biotech and more. A good PR strategy should be one of the many reasons for its increasing expansion of business.

If you could change ONE thing about the present entrepreneurial scene in Nepal, what would that be?

I think the younger generation of entrepreneurs has to enter the market and explore beyond their family business. Most youngsters continue with their family business and do not push themselves to explore beyond what they already have. If young minds venture out for innovation and look out for technological advancement, Nepal can have many innovative startups.

Five words to encapsulate Jump Ktm

• Exciting
• Alive
• Fun
• Stress Release
• Loud (people always scream out in excitement at Jump Ktm)

Who would you want to collaborate with for Jump Ktm?

There is a Trampoline franchise called “Bounce”. Since we are planning to branch out into several cities of Nepal, a collaboration with Bounce could give us clear insight on franchising strategies.
If Jump Ktm were to participate on Shark Tank, what would be your one line pitch?

“Anyone can walk but we can jump at Jump Ktm.”

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