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If you are up for some adventure but do not have the time for a full-fledged vacation, Ultimate Venue might just pique your interest. Located at Tarevir, Narayan Danda, Ultimate Venue is located far away from the humdrum of city life and yet manages to give you that adrenalin rush.One of the main goals behind the inception of Ultimate Venue was to bring to thrill-seekers a getaway that is close to nature without having the need to go on elaborate hikes or outings.

Aabhushan Karki, Manager of Ultimate Venue, talks about the concept behind this venture, “There are very few exciting places set amidst nature for thrill seekers to hangout in Kathmandu. The closest options available are either a trip to Nagarkot or indoor wall climbing.” The location for Ultimate Venue was chosen keeping in mind that people needed to get out but not inconveniently far to enjoy nature and the features that have built in as an attraction. Right next to Shivapuri National Park, Ultimate Venue operates a restaurant and picnic spot besides the adventure aspects and agro-farming. Spread across 90-ropanis of land, it is divided into three distinct wings: the restaurant and camping wing, the agro-farming wing, and the adventure wing.

Karki understood early that there is a big market gap in the recreational adventure scene in Kathmandu, and researched what did city dwellers really want. Karki talks passionately about the agro farming aspect, “Kids today learn about farming on paper, they still lack knowledge and experience when it comes to planting and harvesting crops. We have land plots which are leased to customers at a nominal fee. Plots and the crops grown within it are tended to by local workers on a daily basis while the customer is involved in the planning, plantation and harvesting of the crops that they select.”

Another key focus for Ultimate Venue is their ‘Boot Camp’. Almost militaristic in nature, the boot camp program offered at Ultimate Venue requires participants to maintain discipline throughout the entirety of the course. By merging this concept of traditional boot camps with adventure, the Ultimate Venue team currently offers over nine unique regimens that have been divided into three base categories: fitness boot camp, teen boot camp, and career boot camp. With courses ranging from a day to ten days, Ultimate Venue’s boot camp syllabuses are perfect for all age groups.

Ultimate Venue also offers adventure activities that range from combat obstacle courses to rock climbing and hiking trips around the Shivapuri area. All activities are overseen by instructors from the Nepal Mountaineering Instructor Association as well as from Nepal Army Mountain Warfare School; some of whom, who have even scaled the Everest. Karki adds that Ultimate Venue also has an on-site medical team during boot camps and events that span a few days.

“Kathmandu has become sort of a transit destination for tourists,” voices Karki, “What we want to do is to grow Kathmandu as a visit destination. It would be a big deal if we could entertain tourists here even for a day longer.”

He adds, “Eco-tourism is something that is very important to us. Keeping in mind its principles, most of our employees are locals that reside in and around this area. Even the agro-farming wing is tended by local farmers who now can have a secondary source of income.”

Ultimate Venue is still adding new experiences such as ethnic archery and local sports to its catalogue. In the long run though, Karki shares that he and his team have a larger plan for the business. “Ever since we first came up with the initial idea of Ultimate Venue, we have wanted to expand beyond the Shivapuri Tarevir area. Ten years from now, we would like to see ourselves associated with things like rafting and mountaineering expeditions,” tells Karki.

*This article was written pre COVID 19. Currently, Ultimate Venue is operational strictly through appointments and may be contacted on 9849137362,9801175023.

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