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Urban Space introduces European standard automation town housing

The Urban Space, a world-class urban-dwelling, had its inauguration on April 24 in Lalitpur jointly by Miss Nepal 2018 Shrinkhala Khatiwada and the Founder of Urban Space Bipin Gaire.

Gaire said, “We are extremely happy to introduce a new concept of housing in Nepal. It is a revolutionary idea focused on architecture and innovation. It focuses on fostering the neighbourhood. This project is first of its kind in Nepal. Currently, we are starting from Kathmandu Valley and plan to extend the project all over Nepal.”

ShrinkhalaKhatiwada, Architect Engineer and Miss Nepal 2018 said, “Urban space is about joining lands of small houses together to create one common open shared space by removing the backyard. It is a new innovative and democratic concept of housing. People are bound by walls and limited within their own space. But in Urban Space, one can enjoy a wider communal space by sharing small spaces of their own.”

“Urban Space envisions the boundary less society especially in city areas and therefore it’s a global movement for not only urban planners but also for wider audiences who deeply believe in the Sustainable Development Goals and envision sustainable cities and communities. Urban Space is also a prototype project of how automation technology can nurture exclusive trustable neighbourhood in city areas.” said Shiv Kandel, Chief Branding Officer of Urban Space. The intention of this project is to destroy the gated community to create and foster a social community. The Urban Space aims at providing a soothing urban living experience and is located in the heart of Lalitpur comprising 12 uniquely planned units that retain harmony amongst each other yet offers variations in the living environment.

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