Vulture restaurant being developed as tourist destination in Nawalpur

A wake of vultures feeding on carcass in Pithauli, Kawasoti Municipality, Nawalpur district, on Monday, December 20, 2021. Photo: RSS

NAWALPUR: The vulture restaurant that was established in 2006 AD in Pithauli, Nawalpur district for the conservation of vulture, rare bird species, is being developed as a tourist destination.

The site has been developed as a destination for those aspiring to take up a study on birds, particularly vultures, and enjoying eco-tourism. As part of the campaign for vulture protection, the local community of Pithauli took the initiative to establish the world’s first vulture restaurant in 2006.

Conservationist and chairperson of Nawalparasi Vulture Conservation Committee DB Chaudhary said the community-managed restaurant has gradually become a tourism hotspot, especially for those interested in birds tourism and eco-tourism.

Claiming that the number of vultures has increased with the setup of the restaurant; he said domestic and foreign tourists from different countries are increasingly turning to the restaurant for vulture observation and research.

Research has shown that the trend of vulture extinction however has increased for the past two decades.

The use of diclofenac in the treatment of ailing cattle has been one of the main reasons behind the extinction of vultures, conservationists said. Vulture conservation has seen trouble due to the lack of their peculiar food of late. The trend of rearing livestock has sharply declined lately and the cattle once dead are being disposed of in a different manner. It has resulted in the crisis of food for vultures, conservationists added.

Nepal is home to nine out of 23 species of vulture.

Source: RSS
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