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“We are extremely clear that our predominant market is the Indian market”

Jaydev Mody
Chairman of Delta Corp

Jaydev Mody is the Chairman of Delta Corp Limited, the only listed company engaged in the casino industry – live, electronic and online gaming – in India. Delta Corp currently owns and operates casinos in Goa and Sikkim with foray into Kathmandu as their latest addition.

Mody has been creating, developing and managing businesses for more than 40 years, spending over 25 of them in real estate development. He played a leading role in building and developing India’s first global mall – Crossroads – in South Mumbai. He has been instrumental in the development of several large residential and commercial complexes and retail destinations in and around Mumbai. Some of the notable ones are Peninsula Corporate Park, Ashok Towers, Ashok Gardens and Peninsula IT Park, all today established Mumbai landmarks.

He is also an established entrepreneur and has several business interests that include gaming and hospitality, textiles and magnet manufacturing, besides having pioneered several first-of-its-kind ventures.

In an exclusive interview with Ankita Jain of B360, Jaydev Mody talks about his plans for the casino business in Nepal.

How is Deltin Casino different from the other existing casinos in the capital?

Our product is better in every way. I visited a number of casinos in Kathmandu and couldn’t find them up to the mark. We are trying to notch the market up. We are also actively looking for other locations in Nepal where we can launch casinos. We want to be part of this entire thrust of the Visit Nepal 2020 campaign and make the most out of it. We will have some new Indian games as well to attract Indian players. We will also be offering better services not just in terms of games but also food and beverage and more.

What are your expectations from the market here?

Nepal is a very mature market. Gaming has been around for several years now. We thought we can launch our version, making it more corporate and organised. I believe these factors are lacking in the existing casinos in the capital. Through our venture, we are trying to pull in people who are looking for a better product. Meanwhile, the Chinese market is only an addition to our existing market.

This is your first casino outside India, are you also looking to set up in the border cities?

We are extremely clear that our predominant market is the Indian market. Hence, we are targeting only that specific region. We aren’t looking to go to Macau or Las Vegas but capture the market where Indian footfall is in larger numbers, one of them being Sri Lanka. Though the deal didn’t work out in Sri Lanka, we are keenly looking forward to that market. Similarly, Nepal covers the same market and adds to our growth here.

How difficult was it to get the gaming license in Nepal?

As long as you comply with everything, it is very smooth. But one has to be absolutely compliant. Certain factors like Nepalis not being allowed to play in a casino is very strict and we will make sure that we will implement that 100%.

Please comment on your association with Marriott.

The association has been fabulous. The people who built this property are very professional, focused and hardworking people. We have a fantastic relationship. We have been together all the way from commercially closing the transaction to seeing the hotel being built. We came in here when the hotel was under construction around two and a half years ago. Also, we planned the whole thing together whether it was the space allocation for the casino or the design or the entry-exit. We are really happy that we partnered with them.

Who is your target audience?

We are already in India. With our casinos in Goa, we address all our customers from the rest of the country. With a casino in Sikkim, we are looking more into the Northern market of India and it is our strategic plan to cover our target market which is predominantly India.

What promotional schemes are you employing to attract players?

We will be promoting our product very aggressively in the border regions. We have a very strong business development department which actually connects with players who we are aware of are our customers. There are people who don’t want to travel all the way from UP, Bihar, Punjab to Goa and they find it easier to come down to Kathmandu to enjoy the casino services. We will focus on those markets and players and bring them to Kathmandu.

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