We are fundamentally human beings. I never define leadership in gender terms.

Though interested in pursuing a career in science, Srijana Pandey Rana decided to choose management for her higher education. However, she holds no regrets because being in the banking sector has challenged her to grow and evolve as a professional. Rana’s journey in the banking and finance industry started in 2000 when she joined International Leasing and Finance Company after completing her MBA from Kathmandu University. Three years later, she was hired by Nepal Investment Bank in the loan department and has over the years risen through the ranks to now head the bank’s Corporate Department.

Her career choice as a banker has also had some influence from her father. “My father retired as the General Manager of Nepal Bank and he was one of the pioneers in the sector when there were just two commercial banks in the country,” she shares. She strongly believes that the banking sector has a huge impact not only on the country’s economy but also the society. Besides banking, Rana is involved in social work and is Treasurer of Ek Ek Paila Foundation, a community health centre located in Thapathali.

One of the best life decisions, Rana shares is to have a family of her own. “Being a mother has changed my entire outlook towards life. I have realised the importance of unconditional love and how love actually makes a person selfless. While raising children you inadvertently also learn to manage time and take on more responsibilities,” she shares. Fond of nature and music, she says that they are like fuel to her soul.

In this edition of Business 360, Srijana Pandey Rana talks about the five things that have impacted her work and life.

Financial Independence

The decision that has stood me in good stead is to be financially independent. When you are financially independent it gives you freedom and self confidence. It also enables you to help people when they are in need because if you are not financially strong you will not have the required resources. Being financially independent is important as it gives you strength and the satisfaction to be able to contribute to your family and society.

My inspiration, my parents

I am the youngest in the family with two elder sisters but I was always given the freedom to make decisions. My parents put a lot of trust in me and they would always seek my opinion while making any major family decision. I was taught to take on responsibilities and make decisions from an early age which has helped me a lot now in my career. For instance, my mother is a homemaker but she always emphasised that I should be financially independent and that is one major reason why I decided to work as soon as I completed my studies.

My husband and in-laws have equally been very supportive in terms of helping me grow in my career. They have stood by me and this has made life easy.

Sense of ownership and integrity

The best business advice that I have received is from my boss who says that when you lend money, lend it as if you are giving the money from your own pocket. I think this advice is relevant not only to me but to all bankers.

I would also like to mention my father who stressed on integrity and ethics while performing any job. When you work with integrity things might get done a bit slowly but when it is completed it is always in a proper manner. For long-term success I would say integrity is vital in any profession.

Empowering others

We are fundamentally human beings. I never define leadership in gender terms. When I come to work I never think I am a woman and need preferential treatment. I am assigned my responsibilities and I need to make sure that I duly fulfil them within the given schedule. No matter who takes on the leadership role they should always bear in mind that the foremost thing a leader needs to do is empower others.

Live with no regrets

Live life to the fullest and have no regrets. Always strive to become a better person because right people attract the right things. One should also use their perception and intelligence while making decisions. You have come to this planet empty handed so whatever you have earned is a profit. Hence, learn to give back to society.


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